Mission to empty purgatory

I just lost my wife of 50 years, due to the sloppiness of the Hospital. She died of a bacteria picked up while in the hospital. All I can accept it that it was God’s will, and timetable.
Anyway, I, through the Blessed Mother, and the Sacred Heart, (remember First Fridays, & First Saturdays) We had both completed these in grade school, and again in high school. When my wife went into ICU for emergency dialysis, I, not even knowing she was there, sent a priest in to see her and give her the last rites. I cannot explain how this happened, as I did not know she was in there. But the words came out, and the priest did as requested. Well, Eagles Wings is correct. The devil has given me unshirted hell ever since. My pastor, who blessed the alter I set up in my home, warned me this might last for a long time before he lets up, and goes elsewhere. I have both a scapular and a medal to St. Michael around my neck for protection.

Yes, Eagle Wingz, you’re really correct!

I commenced my Rosary Novena some weeks ago and soon lapsed into discontinuity - partly due to my drowsiness during Rosary and partly due to my innate laziness. I always keep the Holy Souls in mind. They motivate me to say the Rosary. So I tried to restart my Novena a couple of days ago, and I got a flu!

This is indeed a hard battle against human weakness and Satan. There are always trivial issues hindering me from the Rosary and prayers for the Holy Souls. Sometimes when I say the Rosary noises from neighbors emerge. Or mom and dad come to ask for help in chores. Or any kind of distraction. I don’t really see them as coincidence. Rather, I think they are obstacles deliberately set up by the demon.

One of the most comforting issues to consider, is that for every soul that gets released from Purgatory because of your praying efforts, is another soul, already in Heaven, that will be praying for you if, and when, you arrive in that “waiting cell”. Just think, if you get 10,000 souls released, there will be those same 10,000 praying for your release. That’s a pretty comforting thought in my book.::thumbsup:

I pray the St. Gertrude prayers every day. Been doing it for a long time, I hope it helped.

Why would anyone of any consequence tell you that you’re evil for carrying a cross. What kind of cross are you talking about anyway? The cross we all bear in this world trying to get back to Christ?
Suffering because of the loss of my wife of 50 years, my pastor told me to ask Christ to use the pain to “detach” myself from this world, and begin to “attach” myself to His world. It’s taking time, but I feel it is beginning to work. I just keep praying. It is my only salvation to deal with the pain of the loss.

You forgot the rest of that sentence, and that is the key detail.

Some people think I’m evil because I don’t carry my cross with a smile on my face. And they’re on this board.

Everyone seems to be forgetting that while we are encouraged to pray for the souls in Purgatory what we do does not determine how many souls are released or when they are released. Don’t get caught up in private devotions/prayers that tell you X amount of souls are immediately released. None of this is Church teaching. WE do not determine how many and when they are released.
God is the only one who decides who is released and when.

According to the available information on this subject, the Lord Himself revealed this devotion to St. Gertrude the Great. I think I would bank my belief on what the Saint said was told to her by The Lord Himself, rather than a mere human who claims different. :smiley:

I bank my belief on what the Church teaches and not private revelations which add nothing to the deposit of faith which is why the Church tells us we don’t have to believe them.

I’ve got one to back up what you’re saying. Last April, I lost my wife of 50 years. I was blessed by the Blessed Mother in that I was prompted to send a priest to see my wife, thereby insuring the salvation of her soul.
After her death, the devil jumped on me with both feet. He inserted doubts in my head of every fashion. He bombarded me constantly, even taking my attention away from any prayers I would try to say. Concentrating on saying the rosary was almost impossible without interruptions of every conceivable kind.
My Pastor told me that this condition might last quite a while, since I had been instrumental in “stealing” one of the devils souls away from him. I installed a blessed alter in my home, along with the candles from church, and any time I’m at home, and not asleep, that candle is lit. And, slowly, but surely, I’m working on growing much closer to the Sacred Heart, and His Blessed Mother. Something I’ll shamefully admit, I should have been doing all my life. :thumbsup:

This is a request to kindly update the MTEP website. It was last updated on June 21, 2012. Having the latest update is an incentive to us and gives us a boost to pray St. Gertrude’s prayer more often, for the souls in purgatory, when we know how many more prayers are needed for us to reach our goal.

I whole heartedly second that motion!!

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