Mission Vs. Church

Will someone please tell me the difference between a Catholic mission and a church?:confused

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It’s not so much “Mission vs. Church” as it is “Mission vs. Parish”.

A Catholic parish consist of a particular group of Catholic faithful. It covers a territory. And there are many other things outlined in Canon Law about it.

A Catholic mission is basically a designated space (usually a church, sometimes even a former parish) where some of the sacraments will be celebrated (namely Mass), but they do not have the other types of things a parish usually has. Actually, I believe a mission is always connected to another parish.

Simply put, a mission is kind of like an extension of a particular parish to a second location in order to better serve the faithful.

Does that help clarify things?

I agree wholeheartedly — and have been searching for a way to express what Father wrote so eloquently. Thank you! In a time of such need for unity, clarity and focused evangelical and catechetical effort, we simply don’t have the time, need or use for dissensions and complaints amongst ourselves. Please let us all be positive!

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