Mission Work

I posted about this on another forum I visit and didn’t have any luck, hopefully someone here can help me.

I’m thinking about trying to do some mission work and have been looking for groups that send/accept laymen as missionaries. I have money saved in the bank, and I know I will be expected to have money so that isn’t a problem.

I have some Spanish language skills, so I presume I’d be most useful in a Spanish-speaking country, but I wouldn’t be opposed to going anywhere - including somewhere within the United States or Canada.

Hopefully someone can help me find a way to get involved in this. I’m looking for something at least somewhat long term (for a year or two perhaps).

Thank you and please pray for me!

A book called Catholic Ministries (& try googling that b/c they have a website also) has a very good list of places for both men & women volunteers (both in the US & abroad). They run the whole gamut from liberal to conservative…You will probably find a good place listed there or some of them can also indicate other places… God bless you in your search!

I don’t know much about these organizations, but here is what I’ve found.

If you’re young try Focus: missions.focusonline.org/

Here are some other options:

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