mission work?

I have been considering doing some mission work or going on some sort of mission trip before my first year of college. However, I am still not sure if i want to take the year off for something like this or not. Also, I don’t really know where to start my search or where to look for information.

If anyone could please direct me to some organizations or websites, it would be much appreciated! Thank you!

P.S. I would also love to hear any personal experiences as missionaries!

I do 3 weeks a year in Tanzania, but that is through a relationship our parish has with a ‘sister’ parish in Tanzania.

A good friend of our family is leaving in a few weeks to spend a year working with the poor in Peru.

That is through a Catholic organization called 'Heart’s Home"


While I do not have any personal experience with the org, I know the person going very well and I would very much trust her judgment on the org.


The Catholic Volunteer Network lists a wide variety of opportunities. It might be worth taking a look: catholicvolunteernetwork.org/

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