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Today is a family members name day and in the past I always gave a donation to the missionaries of charity in his honor. I was searching on the web for their donation address and i found all these scathing reviews! I was really put back by it. Not sure what to make of it. They accuse them of using old equipment and refusing uptodate equipment and medicines and so people in their care needlessly die and disabled children in their care are abused. I hope that these people are wrong. Can you comment please? Thank you! youtube.com/watch?v=bfJhX0kVWZc
and there are others. Thank you.

And I’ll guarantee that as soon as they start accepting gifts of washers, dryers, etc…we’ll be shouted at for keeping things from the poor and abusing them because we have an electric dryer.

But it is part of the charism of the Missionaries of Charity to do everything in a way that is pleasing to God, and although washers and dryers are too, they’d prefer to do things as the poor do them: by hand. The Missionaries of Charity ARE the poor helping the poor.

Pray about it, seriously. These sites may be bogus, maybe not. It’s rather scary to know whether our gifts are used wisely. I have seen reports that James Robison who hosts “Love a Child” on TV, greatly misues funds sent for the benefit of these children. Who to believe?

I used to contribute to Food for the Poor until I saw that their administrator’s salary is nearly $400K annually. :frowning: OTOH, their expenses were a small percentage. charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=3714

Compare this to the salary of Missionaries of the Poor, Fr. Ho Lung’s apostolate.
It does not appear that they actively solicit donations, and I have contributed to them financially in the past, since they serve very poor nations, particularly Haiti. This country was hit yet again last week with hurricane Isaac.

If the Missionaries of Charity were not caring for these people–would anyone be caring for them? Yes, I guess if you die when you are not being cared for–it’s not needless–better to leave them on the streets.

You don’t “update” medicine – you use it and buy more. I am guessing they buy the medicine they can afford and that allows them to help as many as they can. There is no guarantee that the newest and most expensive “wonder” drug is better than the old tried and true standbye. How many new drugs have we seen pullled from the market?

Do your own research–its not hard to find people who have volunteered and worked with the Missionaries of Charity for a while and returned home. In our parish we have three or four people who have at various times spent 3 to four weeks with them.


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