Missionaries of Charity

I wanted to know about the formation period of a Missionaries of Charity sister and the work that the sisters do. If anyone has recently visited the MC or has any knowledge regarding joining the order, kindly share your experiences. I have a desire to join the MC, so it would help me a lot.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Very austere, from what I have heard. They have a Holy Hour first thing in the morning.

If they have a local house, just drop in and say hello. There should be myriad articles online about their work.



Yes I live quite close to their spirituality my self and I know quite a few brothers and sisters. We have the female contemplative branch in my home parish but I have also visited some houses in Rome and I can tell you a few things about them:

  • Their spirituality is focused on the thirst of Christ. You should have a strong and ardent desire to satiate this thirst…

  • They are p o o r ! I think if people actually knew how strict they are about these things, a lot less would dare to join them. A part of the formation is to really be homeless, not to have a bed to sleep in…

  • They work with the poorest of the poor, wherever they are. The sisters have houses all over the world but I think most of them will go to both Rome and India as a part of their formation. I have been helping out at their house for retired homeless people in Rome and what they do there is B E A U T I F U L! They also have a house inside the Vatican where I believe they work with people with AIDS, but I am not quite sure. I also went to the contemplative brothers house, but I guess it is not for you. :slight_smile:

  • You should know that their rule is very strict! I was talking to a young sister about two weeks ago and she asked me to pray for her father who just died. I asked her if she could go home for the funeral, but it was not possible because they are only allowed to visit family every 10th of 15th year or something like that…

  • They are very Marian and Eucharistic. Even the active sisters take time to adore every day, and they also pray the rosary a lot…

There is so much more to know, but the only way you will really get to know their spirituality is to pray their prayers, visit their house and work with them. Maybe it would be a good idea to start off as a volunteer somewhere, to see more for your self?

Good luck and please ask if there is anything more you would like to know! Both here or PM is fine…

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