Missionaries to Muslims

Does anyone know of any catholic missionary organizations that aim specifically at Muslims? Particularly immigrants to the West? I would like to support the evangelization of this rapidly growing group.

You should help start a lay ministry yourself. Invite Muslims to your church and help them to know about the faith.

I’d check around first to see if there is some kind of an existing program. :yup:

I once new a woman that was doing that kind of ministry. She would sit out at a nearby coffee shop and somehow I found that the Muslims would find her. I met her once again after seeing a scripture on the table. We spoke and she mentioned she was a Christian doing ministry to the Muslims. This was 3 years ago. My advice to you would be to sit, as she did, with scriptures at hand. The Lord will move the hearts of the interested Muslims on over to you. I saw this very thing happen as we sat and talked. A 22 year old young man came to our table and said he wanted a place to know Christ. God will bring them to you. Just be available. Good Luck and God Bless You.

This area is fraught with difficulties. Apostasy from Islam is a capital offence in Islam. Even escaping that, the social cost of converting can mean absolute loss of all contacts from the cultural group. “Success” is therefore statistically impossible to track.

There are Evangelical Protestant organisations working in this field. Sometimes there are several stepping stones to the True Faith.

You Tube has many moving conversion stories, well worth the viewing time.

In the non-Muslim environment of the United States, you may find indivituals from Christian minorities of Muslim countries who can help and advise. I have Catholic friends from Pakistan, Iraq and Palestine here in the UK.

Where language and culture are obstacles, fasting and prayer still works miracles.

Best wishes, as we remember Our Sorrowful Mother.

People in our Church specifically minister to Muslims in Muslim majority countries. A family who has a home in Pakistan has had their visa’s revoked after a Church was bombed and some seventy Christians died. To get in, you can’t say you’re going to preach.

We did a Q&A in our young adults group with some of our missionaries to Pakistan and they don’t mention Muhammad or Islam, never, ever. Sometimes they mention a Muslim will stand up and get extremely intrusive, and the missionaries in turn will smile, say nothing and not argue.

They have spoken of Christians who have got themselves into harms way for going “a little to far” but it’s bound to happen. Ever read The Acts?

Most Muslim countries make it impossible to preach without getting killed or arrested without it being done subtly. You may be able to strike up discussions in India or Indonesia; but we should mostly be focused on feeding the poor I think and not competing Religious ideologies. I say this because those who don’t have the Word can be fed with food and fed spiritually.

The most dangerous poison of modernism is the idea that debating religion is pointless, as there is only one faith outside of which there is no salvation.

You can feed as many people as you want, but if you don’t tell them about Christ it has been for nothing.

That was sorta my point.

Feeding the starving while telling them about Christ I believe is a stronger method then “Let’s go into Pakistan and get arrested.” Although both can work.

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