Missionary Family Needs Prayers


I am humbled to post that my family and I are in need of your prayers.

There are some graces that God only gives once asked for (Knock and you shall receive, ask and it shall be given to you) so with great humility I ask that you petition God, Mary, and all the saints to provide for us in our time of need so we may continue to do His work - if it be His will that we do so.

Thank you in advance and please share with me any prayer intentions you may have. We spend over 2 hours a day in prayer and love to lift up the intentions of others. May God bless and keep you. :gopray:


Praying for your intentions. Christ’s Peace be with you. We are also having challenges in our life. My husbands job with major auto industry may be leaving our area. I am open to what God would have for us. We would lose our home in the case of his unemployment. I will continue to pray for your family.


Praying for your intentions.




Praying very hard for your family to meet its needs!


Holy Angels, please pray for them


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