Missionary Websites

I have a friend that is going to be a missionary to Italy, and he has put together a pretty fantastic site. I was just asking around to see if I could get peoples’ opinions on what makes up a good Missionary Website.

I’d love to hear your comments on his site as well, which is: www.GospelToItaly.com. I know his theology is a bit different, but what do you all think about the site?

John Paul the Great in his wisdom as guided by the Holy Spirit in his capacity as pope encouraged the faithful to use multimedia technology to evangelize to the world.

Thus Catholic Answers came into existence and this forum as well.

Your friend is wise to utilize the internet to post his purpose.
As far as the site design itself, I thought the interactive components were intriguing.

The color scheme is fine…I liked the parchment ‘feel’ to it.
I didn’t like having to click in so many places in order to find out what the real purpose of the site was though.

On the front page it states the purpose of the site is to give more information about the Barones and their burden. Well that didn’t strike me as interesting enough to want to click on any of those side tabs.

I clicked on the side tabs only because I wanted to be able to comment on the design, per your request. There’s a grammatical error on the Pre-Field Mission statement. Pastor’s should be Pastors.

I think the Philosophy of the Mission should be stated briefly under that heading instead of having the text there explain what I expect to find if I click on the link. Same with the goals. Again, I don’t want to dig deeper to find out what one is selling…just tell me up front. I don’t have time to explore unless the subject is really interesting and at the first level of their site they don’t have the right bait out there to hook me, let alone draw my curiosity.

Finally at the third level the real purpose of this site is revealed and I have to admit I had to laugh heartily at the brashness of the statements. Of course, had their first two levels been interesting this third one would have turned me off, especially when you click on the links attempting to explain Catholicism and Church history. The information is just incorrect.

Even for those who might be taken in by this whole ‘mission’ the Barones need a diary in the update section. Pictures are nice, but the point of the mission is to prosyletize Catholics in Italy, not to evangelize. Visitors of the site should be able to follow the missionary work of the Barones in Italy. They should keep a journal documenting their experiences.

I suspect that the Barones will end up being saved themselves when they immerse themselves in Rome. I certainly will pray for their conversion while they are there and hope that someday they will join CA Forums so we can follow their story.

You bring up some great ideas, I will pass them along to him.

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