Missionary Work for Plastics Engineer


Hello Everyone,

I am almost done with my plastics engineering degree and I was wondering if there were any Catholic missionary organizations or orders that accept lay people with engineering backgrounds and if so more specifically plastics engineering backgrounds. I have felt for a while that God might be calling me to do mission work and so I am now looking into it further.

I’ve heard of secular missionaries doing work in areas where medical supplies are difficult to get using 3D printers to make prosthetics and showing people how to utilize this technology. I am just curious if there was a way I might use the skills God has led me to develop to help people through the church.

KnightErrant :knight1:


Congratulations on your achievement! Welcome to the club!

Here’s a blog post with a load o’ links: askamissionary.com/question/45 - not specifically Catholic, but you might find something.

Engineers Without Borders Our Boston chapter always has things happening worldwide; there are chapters across the US.

Catholic Volunteer Network - not specifically engineering, but might inspire you.

Society of Plastics Engineers - in addition to professional networking, they might have some ideas for you, in volunteering.

Finally, ask your college, your priest, and your diocese - they might have contacts (or at least “know a guy”) who could help.

Good luck!


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