I recently felt that I heard a calling from God and want to help children in under privilaged contries in whatever way I can. I do not have a college degree but my will and determination alone should qualify me. If someone could help me in any way to begin this mission any information would be greatly appreciated.

-Thank you
Gary Brock

Go to the CNVS website :catholicvolunteernetwork.org/

It has a search engine for Catholic missionary work… long term, short term, other countries, local, etc.

Thank you for the responce.

Most missionay orders have an active lay apostolate through which, after a certain amount of training, lay persons can go to the missions to work along side the ordained clergy, sisters and brothers. I know for certain that the Maryknolls, Columbians, Salesian, Redemptorists, Jesuits do and there are many more. Do a little research and then contact the ones that interest you. Several things they all require is freedom from debt, reasonably good health, love of God and Church.


I am willing to help anywhere at all, do anything I am needed to do and I have nothing at all holding me here as far as debts. I just want to help that is all I want to do.

Check out maryknoll.org/ :smiley: if interested in Lay Missionary work :smiley:

At one time I was considering ordination in the Maryknoll MISSIONERS.

The wanted me to finish my education at Boston College.

Thank you for your replies guys. I will level with you. I have had a troubled past, I have died twice from drug overdoses and my family saw my guardian angel. This was years ago and I am ready to devote every inch of my life to helping the less fortunate. My worst day does not even compare to their best day. I just want to help, but it has been a huge challenge in helping.

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