Missions Donations

I would like to support Catholic Missions, but there are a lot of websites. Does anyone have any advice on picking a particular mission? Or is there a way to give to a general fund that supports all Catholic missions?

Often times parishes and dioceses in the US have “sister parishes” or “a sister diocese” in poor missionary areas of the world. They usually take assistance in the form of money and time/labor, sending volunteers directly to the mission to work.

Maybe ask your parish or diocese if they recommend one in particular??? Sometimes that parish/diocese connection is great for establishing a long-term relationship with a particular mission.

Good luck and God bless!

you could just make your donation in your Sunday envelope for Mission Sunday, which was yesterday, or take it or mail it to your parish or diocese today and earmark it for the Mission Sunday collection.

What ever happenned to our milk cartons to put money into during Lent?

I used to live next to the White Fathers [now Missionaries of Africa] in Wayland, Mass so got involved with them. secure.missionariesofafrica.org/donate/donate.html

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