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Today, His Excellency came to Our Parish, Bishop Minde, of the Diocese of Kahama, Tanzania. He is a very nice Bishop, very Holy man too!

I have been asking the LORD where HE wants to send me. Today, His excellecny proposed that I go to be a Missionary Priest in His diocese. I wouldn’t mind, the Faith is the Faith and it needs to be spread. However, I am a little scared of the culture. I have grown up in Canada, with the North American attitude. Would the transition be hard for me??

Im a little bit scared, but I will take this to Our LORD in the BLESSED SACRAMENT and ask HIM what HE thinks…

I like the idea, yet Ima little scared.

What do you propose I do??

I propose that you seek the counsel of a spiritual director.



ok,i have to put you on my ignore list.i can’t believe a Bishop ,a man by definition an example of prudence ,knows you one day and says why you are just who we are looking for .possibly he was polite to you ,patted you on your head.and we as a result will be treated to your breathless agony for days about should i or shouldn’t i pack up for tanzania.bye, have fun trapping the denizens of this forum in your elaborate drama.do not bother posting a reponse to this post cause i won’t see it.p.s. one might notice i didn’t suggest a spiritual director ,cause thats a sucker bet,that just triggers posts about kidnapped s.d.'s or some such nonsense.

Calm down, April.

To me, it sounds like a jocular comment made as if to a child, which was perhaps how MMM ‘came over’ to him - as, indeed, he comes over on this forum most of the time, imo.

A misunderstanding, I’m sure - but you might be right about the breathless agonising, though. Look on the bright side - at least there aren’t so many capital letters and exclamation points to hurt the eyes nowadays.

I might be wrong but it is possible that the Diocese of Kahama, Tanzania is looking for priests that also teach in their Catholic schools. I do not know but it is possible that they are looking for priest, from the USA, because they can be science and math teachers.:rolleyes:

But MMM is only 17, Cristiano. He couldn’t teach yet, and he certainly isn’t a priest, so what would be the point of the Bishop recruiting him?

The bishop was visiting the Parish. He was sincere in what he? asked. In fact he was betvery serious in how he asked. why on earth would I be joking about this? And why would the bishop be insincere about this?

The bishop said that he would put me through formation, then seminary.

Did he mention anything about you getting a teaching degree in math and sciences?:confused:

No. I wouldn’t want to teach except Catechesis and English. I would, if I were to go, I would help build, mantain the few vehicles they own, and of course, above all, minister to the Spiritual needs of the people e.g Holy Mass, Confession, Matrimony etc.

Are you saying that he promised you a place in a seminary, and the necessary funding, without you even going through an assessment process or interview first?

He told me I could come and visit, stay at the Bishops house, and then roll the ball further…

I think he was just being polite.

Perhaps do as others have advised, bring this up with your spiritual director?

I definetly will…

This is very hard stuff…

Not really. You have now talked about discerning for like seven different communities. Knights of the Holy Eucharist, FSSP, ICKSP, Diocese, Tanzanian Missionary, SJC, and Orders. You really need to be patient. I’m discerning my vocation too. I’m in my senior year of high school, I am mostly leaning Diocesan but I have also been in touch with the FSSP. Just take it in stride. Speak to the right people, bolster your connections. Boston has great programs for its boys, so I’m never out of contact.

I just hope that none of your vocational directors see your account here, they may be a bit put off, and it may discourage their consideration.

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