Mississippi Church Torched And Vandalized With Pro-Trump Slogan

Mississippi Church Torched And Vandalized With Pro-Trump Slogan

The FBI is investigating the torching of a black Mississippi church that was also vandalized with the words “Vote Trump.”

“The FBI Jackson Division is aware of the situation in Greenville, and we are working with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners to determine if any civil rights crimes were committed,” FBI Public Affairs Specialist Brett Carr said in a statement Wednesday.

The fire at the Hopewell Baptist Church in Greenville, Mississippi, erupted around 9:15 p.m. Tuesday and did heavy damage to the main sanctuary of the brick building, officials said.

The Trump graffiti was found in big letters on an outside wall, they said.

Federal ATF investigators and Mississippi State Fire Marshal’s Office investigators were on the scene.

Asked if the church had been targeted before, a spokeswoman for Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons said no.

“Not in recent years that I know of,” Kenya Collins told NBC News.

(Image of the torched and vandalized church at link.)

I’d be willing to bet a lot of money this is a false flag. It almost always is.

I tend to agree.

What is a false flag, burning a black church down to make Trump and/or his supporters look bad? When else did this happen?

If you court white supremacists for their vote and then when white supremacists start acting like white supremacists in your name you shouldn’t be surprised. Until there is evidence that this was not done by a Trump supporter, I’m sticking with the evidence at hand, namely the big “VOTE TRUMP” on the side of the burned Church.


I’m sticking with common sense, in that no one torches a church in an effort to garner votes for the person listed. They do it to besmirch the person listed.

Kind of the like the Mensan who claimed to have been attacked by Obama supporters.


This sort of thing isn’t common. I see spray pain on half the Trump signs in my area. People act like animals in every state in the union. Just ask the homeless lady who was attacked for having a Pro Trump sign. For pete’s sake, she’s homeless, people.


So a Trump supporter thought a good way to get votes was to burn down a church? That’s not impossible but certainly not very smart.

Here is one church burning false flag in Denver. You can find lots of other instances of false flag hate crimes if you do a little investigation.

I’m curious how you think Trump has courted white supremacists? That seems to me a baseless accusation. If by it you mean some white supremacists like his policy that isn’t courting white supremacists. Some white supremacists might like his tax plan. Some might like his trade plans. Some might like his immigration plan but his plan has nothing to do with white supremacy.

Sad. :frowning:

Exactly. And coming the day after a leading White Supremacist Publication endorsed Trump it shouldn’t be surprising.

Nor would it be surprising if the Clinton syndicate paid the white supremacist publication for the ad. In fact, I would consider it far more likely than not, given that the Clinton campaign has admitted it hires thugs to start fights at Trump rallies.

This has “Clinton” written all over it.

Considering it wasn’t an ad but was their internal endorsement your supposition seems more than a little far fetched.

Given we already have evidence (thanks to Wikileaks) that the DNC has been planting homeless, mentally ill and union members at Trump rallies to incite violence, I will be skeptical of this kind of hideous behavior being at the hands of Trump supporters (especially so close to an election)


If you are posting to further the narrative that “Trump supporters are racist”, while there are some, there are also racists supporting Hillary (warning: harsh language in link)

Ultimately one needs to look at both candidates…both have flaws in the "racial issues"department. I would submit a candidate that openly admires Margaret Sanger, infamous eugenics supporter and founder of the institutionally racist Planned Parenthood, would be a candidate to be considered “the greater of two evils”

This could have been done by a racist but it could also be a faked hate crime, meaning that it was done by somebody who wanted to make it look like it was done by a Trump supporter. There obviously needs an investigation to take place to find out who the perpetrator or perpetrators are, but I wouldn’t be massively shocked if it was found out that the instigator(s) were actually not a Trump supporter(s) at all.

Hate crimes are still very prevelant here in the south, VERY prevelent. :sad_yes:

How about we let the investigators do their job rather than drawing premature conclusions?

Hate crimes happen everywhere. Blacks commit hate crimes too. I and lots of other people I know have been assaulted by groups of Blacks. Had it been the other way around the news would be all over it. But that doesn’t fit the narrative of the evil, southern White man.

Did I mention race? We have them on both sides here. :shrug:

No you didn’t. But when you mention the South that is a reasonable assumption.

You did say hate crimes were prevalent in the South. I’m wondering how you draw that conclusion? I was curious about that and tried to verify it. I did a very quick and no doubt incomplete search. But I didn’t find anything to suggest that. What do you base that claim on?

Well for starters I’m sure you’ve been reading about the white cops shooting prematurely and in return people will later find the cop and shoot him in return. Supposedly these are making national news, im surprised you haven’t heard of them?

Doesn’t everybody just know that all Southern whites are hopelessly racist and unfit for polite company? I mean, they do vote Republican.

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