Mississippi House bans abortions on Downs babies

It’s just the beginning…


This is wonderful. Whoever drafted the bill was brilliant — putting in the part about not being able to abort on the basis of sex or race will force the Supreme Court (if it goes there, and it may) to assert one of two things:

  • it is okay to abort a baby if it is a girl and the couple wanted a boy, or if a white woman has become pregnant by a black man (which in the popular American mentality would make that baby a black baby)
  • or it is NOT okay

I absolutely dare the liberal justices on the Court to make the first assertion.

The next time I am traveling through that part of the South, I am going to make it a point to spend the night in Mississippi, pay for a hotel room there, have dinner there, and go into Walmart or Best Buy and spend some money.


Selective reduction will be next.

I believe last time it came up they declined the case and let the lower court ruling stand (that the bans weren’t legal). So you’re right there’s no definitive ruling, but that’s how they left it last time.

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