Mississippi lawmakers move forward on 20-week abortion ban


(Reuters) - Mississippi lawmakers took steps to become the latest U.S. state to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy by passing a measure on Thursday that seeks to further restrict access to the procedure.

Legislation approved by the state’s House of Representatives in a 89-22 vote asserts that a fetus can feel pain by 20 weeks of gestation, halfway through a full-term pregnancy, and that the state has a duty to protect the unborn child.

Abortions would be legal after 20 weeks only if a woman’s life was in danger, according to the measure. Physicians who defied the law could lose their medical license.



This is good. I would like to see abortion completely banned but unfortunately I don’t think federal law will allow it.



Blue states, I hope you’re listening!


Grandma and Grandpa’s youngest grandsons - twins- were born at 23 and one half weeks in the womb. Its true that prayers were heard and answered. A miracle that they are fine and wonderful at 10 years old. It should never be at any moment in time that an innocent life should be ended, we know that by our conscience. Stop killing babies!


A step in the right direction :thumbsup:


Yeah, Mississippi! :):thumbsup::bounce::yup::clapping:


Well, the best part about this news, is that this action by the Legislature might not even matter.

The only abortion clinic in Mississippi is being held open by court order, by a Federal Court, that is. The clinic has failed to comply with the state’s law requiring that it obtain admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. All of the nearby hospitals (there are at least 5 of them), have all refused.

Again, since that happened, a Federal Judge is basically delaying, and keeping the clinic open by court order. But, it can only be held open so long. Basically, eventually the clinic will be forced to close, since it can’t obtain admitting privileges. That could happen this year. And Mississippi would be the first state to have 0 abortion clinics.


:extrahappy: Go Ole Miss!!


20-week abortion ban moves to full Mississippi Senate


20-week abortion ban moves to full Mississippi Senate

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