Mississippi River tops levee in southern Illinois; residents move to higher ground


Mississippi River tops levee in southern Illinois; residents move to higher ground cbsn.ws/1Oy64FT


Praying for the safety & well being of all.


God our Father in Heaven, we come to you in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. We ask for your loving Mercy and kindness toward all who suffer as a result of the floods and tornado’s in our Country which has devastated the people affected by these disasters.

Lord, for those who lost their lives, and those who mourn them, we ask for Your loving mercy.

Lord, for those who were wounded, we ask for healing and help.

Lord, for those reaching out to the wounded, give them the supernatural graces, and the practical and economic resources they need in their efforts.

Lord, for those who are searching for the dead, assist them in their effort so that all who lost their lives in this tragedy can be buried with dignity.

We also pray also for those who were affected by these horrible disasters and those who are ministering to their needs.

Father, may these disasters and true human tragedy become an invitation for Your people to enter into the ongoing mission of reaching out to all of the victims and their families, and see in their face’s and in their needs the face of Your Son.

We ask this in the name of Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.


While I pray for these people, I also believe that people who settle in flood plains should accept the liability and responsibility for their own properties that living in those areas implies, and that the government shouldn’t be in the business of helping these people get resettled there, they should only be in the business of restoring infrastructure. I know that wouldn’t make me popular, but it beats me there isn’t any common sense about living in these areas. Same thing with New Orleans, etc. The high ground is where to live; if there isn’t enough high ground to accommodate everyone that wants to live there, then that puts a limit on the population of the area.

Kind of reminds me of my time in the Philippines when I would read about a segment of the poorest people who were in the habit of settling by the dry and semi-dry riverbeds. Whenever the inevitable flooding occurred, they’d be given money to relocate out of there. Then when the crisis was past, they were back again; it was explained to me that these people were simply exploiting the system for their own gain.


The same could really be said about many other areas too, like Southern CA, in reality, this should be one of the cheapest areas to live in, due to all the natural disasters, and the major one, the earthquakes, everyone knows its not a matter of if, its when, SoCal will eventually be right next to SanFran, and ALOT of destruction is going to happen there one day in the near future…yet its one of the most expensive places to live and probably the most desired area to live???

Its actually crazy they still allow houses to be built and insure them in these areas! When the big one does happen out there, its going to bankrupt many insurance companies and probably a few other industries as well.


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