Mississippi Senate supports ban on common abortion procedure


JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi senators are supporting a ban on a commonly-used second-trimester abortion procedure.
The Senate voted 40-6 Tuesday to pass House Bill 519 (bit.ly/1UAVVRp), sending it back to the House for more work.
The measure would outlaw a procedure called dilation and evacuation, using language backed by the Washington-based National Right to Life Committee, unless an abortion was required to prevent irreversible physical impairment to the mother. It would prohibit any abortion that would extract a live fetus in pieces from the uterus using instruments like clamps and forceps.



Thankful. D & E is also used is “missed abortion”/fetal demise. This legislation clearly is talking about a living fetus, though. Let’s wait a few minutes and watch that point be glossed over in someone’s outrage over Mississippi’s war on women.



I had a similar thought: will the opposition try to make it all about “If the laws passes, how will you punish a mother who breaks it?”


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