Mississippi Senate votes to defund Planned Parenthood


It still must go to the House who will surely vote to defund too.

Mississippi Senate votes to defund Planned Parenthood

JACKSON, Miss. — The Mississippi Senate voted Wednesday to defund Planned Parenthood and prevent it from receiving taxpayer dollars, according to the Office of Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Joey Fillingane, will now head to the House.

Under the proposed legislation, spending on family planning and other family heath services will continue, but funding will go to other providers.

“The taxpayers of the state of Mississippi do not want and should not be forced to spend money on Planned Parenthood,” Reeves said in a statement. “I am committed to making Mississippi the safest place in America for an unborn child.”



I’ll admit I kind of like to joke about Mississippi, with me being from the Northeast, but I must say that I commend the Mississippi Senate for their vote.


Good for them, I pray that more states follow suit.


Assuming passage of the bill, is there any chance this can be reversed in the courts?


this is good news.


thank god

PP is worse than htler’s crimes

at ;least (as far as we know) der fuhrer didn’t sell his victims’ body parts for profit


I wouldn’t think so, as it concerns payment of government money. The legislature in each state has the power of the purse, as does Congress for the federal government. The bill isn’t a law imposing abortion restrictions, it’s simply saying, “We are no longer going to give money to this specific non-profit entity.”

Though there’s not much of a precedent, the one that I can think of deals with the so-called Mexico City policy, instituted by executive order by Reagan, repealed by Clinton, reinstated by GWBush, and repealed again by Obama (all on their first day in office), which withheld funds regarding family planning to groups that included “abortion services” to the developing world. The courts said that the government is free to give and withhold money to whichever group it wants. And this was a unanimous 9-0 decision on a much more liberal Supreme Court.


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