Missonaries Casting Out Demons


A friend of mine has a sister who is going to a college for a missionary program. After that, she’ll be moving to Africa for missionary work. I’m not sure what denomination he is, he might go to an Alliance church?

Anyway, he was saying how this summer, his sister was in Africa and saw some healings and casting out of demons. One specific one took about 15 minutes and the demon was trying to make the woman go towards an open fire. Then, they got the demon out apparently. I mentioned something about exorcisms and how they don’t always get done that quickly, it really just depends on the situation. I think I may have considered adding that Catholic priests use a Rite of Exorcism and that we don’t just go around casting out demons. BUT, he jumped in and said that they have enough faith to just pray (and I’m assuming use the Name of Jesus) and the demon goes out.

The conversation moved off to something else with another friend at that point but I was rather taken aback at the fact that he thinks that they have enough faith so it works and that exorcisms don’t? Or rather that they don’t need exorcisms, they just have to pray their own prayers.

What response would you have to this? I’m not planning on talking to him about this but I’m just curious what your take on this type of statement would be or perhaps a bit of education on the difference of exorcism and these casting out of demons by Christian missionaries.


I always was told that serious things like this need to be done by a qualified Catholic Priest/exorcist who knows exactly what he is doing cause it could easily go in a downward spiral. An exorcist has to be someone very strong in the Faith and can handle whatever is dished out.


That’s what I would think! I’d never want to be involved in such a thing unless I was properly trained and extremely strong in my Faith. That’s why I’d think priests would be the best choice for such a task. I would also never think it’s so simple as your own prayers? I know God can answers any prayer as He knows is right but it just doesn’t make sense to me how an exorcist needs to use a Rite and needs to be trained but other Christians seem to think they can just go and pray over people and it works.

I’m well aware that the Name of Jesus is the most powerful Name and that we can call on Him and invoke His help but I still just feel confused at how they can just be casting out demons with such little training.


I can choose and go have the best dental hygienist in the county remove my appendix. This does not mean that he has the authority not the knowledge to perform abdominal surgery. I would be risking far worse injury or even death.

Same goes for exorcism. That authority is given by God to the Bishops of the Church who may then pass that authority on to properly trained priests.

Your friend would best stay far away from these dangerous games.


Well first, it’s his sister who is going to a missionary program somewhere to do this work. Second, I don’t exactly think it should be called games. They obviously believe they are doing the work of God by helping these people, even if it isn’t correct. I can think of other things that are actual games meant for horrid things that should be avoided.

I do agree though that priests should be the ones doing such things. Perhaps they believe they can cast out demons because they really don’t have priests to do it. In their denomination, they promote missionary work heavily and so I’m beginning to think that, because they obviously broke with the Catholic Church in one way or another, they don’t have priests and they figure that they need to send someone to do this stuff.


I use “games” because it is the same as a person playing with fire. Most of the time they are likely simply dealing with emotionalism. One day they are going to come up against the real thing. They are tinkering with, toying with, things that are real. When attempt exorcism without authority (and believe me, the fallen angels KNOW who has authority and who does not), well, I would not want to be in the same county let alone in the same room.


Just be happy that demons are being cast out of people…

John answered, “Master, we saw a man casting out demons in your name, and we forbade him, because he does not follow with us.” But Jesus said to him, “Do not forbid him; for he that is not against you is for you.” (Luke 9:49-50)


I see. Then, I definitely agree with you there!


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