Missouri court: embryos conceived through IVF are property, not children [CWN]


A Missouri court has ruled that two embryos conceived through in-vitro fertilization are marital property, not children, and that both parties to a divorce must consent to their implantation.



Needless to say, this is rather vile to say that human life is property to be ‘owned’ or dispensed with at will.

I’m just thinking about what would happen if in 20 years, if someone arranged for these humans (embryos) to finally, with care and concern, to be implanted and born, and what these ‘embryos’, when fully grown, would have to say about the idea the courts considered them ‘property’- something owned and dispensed with at will.


So if she has the children will he have to pay child support?


And here I thought that “human life as property” went out in … oh around 1865.


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