Missouri lawmakers override Governor's veto on '72-hour' abortion law


(Reuters) - Missouri lawmakers on Wednesday passed a law requiring women to wait three days for an abortion, even in cases of rape or incest, according to the legislature’s websites - overriding an earlier veto from Governor Jay Nixon,

In July, Democratic Governor Nixon vetoed the bill to extend the minimum waiting period before a woman could have an abortion after an initial visit to a doctor to 72 hours from 24 hours.

Nixon said the bill showed a “callous disregard for women who find themselves in horrific circumstances.”



Yet again, one political party is on the right side of this political fight, and one party is on the devil’s side.


The democrats sure love to kill babies, almost as much as PPH and Margret Sager.


Don’t see how delaying the abortion will help at all. All it means is that the baby is slightly more developed when it’s killed.


A step in the right direction nonetheless.


It’s a safe-guard against women who are being coerced or forced to have abortions (about a third of all abortions in the US). It gives her a chance to get counseling and a chance to make a decision away from the strong arm tactics of the abortion center.


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