Mistaken for a Priest, 2nd posting

My Sunday routine is rather fixed. I get up around 10AM - 11AM. Aside from prayers, household chores, and taking care of the cats, I really don’t do much physical activity before going to the 4:15 PM mass. So I fast until mass is over.

My one and only Sunday meal is at the local Sizzler Steakhouse, where I arrive after 5 PM. Today, while waiting in line, this elderly Black Gentleman asked me if I was a Priest. He was a Protestant Minister in his Sunday best.

And I was in my penitential blues. Plain dark blue trousers, a somewhat lighter blue T-shirt. No rings, watches, or any kind of jewalry at all. Except for the large wooden San Damiano crucifix around my neck. I could indeed be a Priest in secular garb.

Anyway, we became friends and had our dinners together. We chatted about our activities. He was fascinated by the Confraternity of Penitents, of which I am a member in formation.


In turn, he currently works as a phone volunteer for Obama, and plans to start a Minister school next year. He approved of my AA work. We exchanged thoughts on putting our faith into action. All in all, a pleasent dinner conversation. Neither of us proslytized or preached to one another. We had a mutual respect for one another


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O yes, I had my steak done “medium”

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