Mistaken for a Priest, again


My Sunday routine is rather fixed. I get up around 10AM - 11AM. Aside from prayers, household chores, and taking care of the cats, I really don’t do much physical activity before going to the 4:15 PM mass. So I fast until mass is over.

My one and only Sunday meal is at the local Sizzler Steakhouse, where I arrive after 5 PM. Today, while waiting in line, this elderly Black Gentleman asked me if I was a Priest. He was a Protestant Minister in his Sunday best.

And I was in my penitential blues. Plain dark blue trousers, a somewhat lighter blue T-shirt. No rings, watches, or any kind of jewalry at all. Except for the large wooden San Damiano crucifix around my neck. I could indeed be a Priest in secular garb.

Anyway, we became friends and had our dinners together. We chatted about our activities. He was fascinated by the 1221 Penitential Private Association of which I am a member in formation. In turn, he currently works as a phone volunteer for Obama, and plans to start a Minister school next year. He approved of my AA work.

All in all, a fun evening.


1221 Penitential Private Association

What’s this?



I think Andruschak might be referring to the Confraternity of Penitents.

Their site can be found HERE.




What would you say about his volunteer work? Do you approve it?


Of course. He sincerely believes Obama would be a good President, and has volunteered his time and money to that cause. Later he wants to set up a school to train Ministers. he seemed sincere about this as well. As i said, a calm and devoted Gentleman. :slight_smile:


He was, and thank you for providing the link:thumbsup:


Thanks, what would you say about his belief on Abortion?


Please, don’t turn this thread into a political debate. There is an entire forum for that.



Thanks Jim; when speaking of Priest and election-related in the same thread, I think of spirituality and not so much on politics as it seems to look like. It is up to the OP to respond and I don’t mind if the OP decides not to. There was no indication that the OP chose not to up to this point.


He did not volunteer his beliefs, and I was not rude enough to ask. Look, I know some of you anti-abortion types have this attitude problem, but for some of us this does NOT overide politeness, courtesy, and respect.:dts:

He respected my Catholic beliefs, and did not try to get me to vote for Obama, or become a Protestant. In turn, I respected his beliefs. Our conversation was mainly about our spiritual and temporal works of mercy. :slight_smile: :bible1: :bible1:

Do you have a problem with that?:coffeeread:

By the way, nobody has asked, so I will volunteer the information that I had my steak done “medium”:pizza:


Do I seem rude when asking you questions in this thread. If I do, I apologyze.

Btw, if you have been mistaken for a priest, maybe you should think about it somehow. :wink:


Well, I was a bit startled to see that comment about abortion appear. As in…what brought that on? :confused:

Don’t think I haven’t thought about being a Priest :smiley: However, I believe my orchiectomy precludes the Priesthood. :rolleyes: And when all is said and done, it may be that God wants me to stay in AA and help others to recover from alcoholism:thumbsup:


I was curious about your thought and if he said anything, but you don’t have to go into it. I wouldn’t go further, don’t want to give you heart attack. :smiley:

Don’t think I haven’t thought about being a Priest :smiley: However, I believe my orchiectomy precludes the Priesthood. :rolleyes: And when all is said and done, it may be that God wants me to stay in AA and help others to recover from alcoholism:thumbsup:

That’s a great service.


Hmmmm…he didn’t bring up the subject, and I didn’t bring up the subject. I guess neither of us thought it was important enough. :shrug:


You did answer my question. Thanks!


Would you have thought he was such a gentleman if he did not agree with you politically?

I have met gentlemen just like him. Sincere and devout in every way, shape and form, but, politically left and abortion notwithstanding.

My father is just like that.

Old people, particularly old black people, get a pass. :heart:


Oh, I doubt if he agreed with me “politically”. So what? Why spoil a pleasent meal? I doubt if I could persuade him to vote Republican or Libertarian. He made no effort to obtain my vote. Neither of tried to proslytize the other. This would include the topic of abortion. :yup:

We simply talked about our respective vocations and good works. All this while enjoying the food. Remember this was my first meal of the day. :smiley:


“You anti-abortion types???”::confused:
I take it you are either “pro-choice” or are bending over backward to be politically correct.:shrug:


Neither. Just a reflex from too many attacks in the forum Politics:2008. “Love one another” is not a mindset in that forum, more of “burn in hell forever for not agreeing with us 100%.”

My credentials. I have sent in my ballot, voted straight Republican. Also voted "yes"on Propositions 4 and 8 on the california ballot. Happy?:shrug:


How did you draw this conclusion?

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