Mistaken mastectomy victim sues for $2.2M

Mistaken mastectomy victim sues for $2.2M

TORONTO (CBC) - A woman who underwent an unnecessary mastectomy at a Windsor, Ont., hospital is suing the hospital, the surgeon who performed the operation and another local hospital for a total $2.2 million.

The suit filed by Laurie Johnston names Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital, Leamington District Memorial Hospital and Dr. Barbara Heartwell.

Speaking at her lawyer’s office in Toronto on Wednesday, Johnston said she has a history of breast cancer in her family. Both her mother and her sister had the disease.

“I know cancer can kill,” said the 44-year-old single mother of two. “For that reason, I go regularly for mammograms.”

Last summer, after a lump was discovered, Johnston was told by Heartwell that she had cancer. In November, she had her left breast and six lymph nodes removed.


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