Misunderstandings among the Three Monotheistic Religions

I believe that there had been misunderstandings of what we believe among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. If a person is truly committed and dedicated to God with a clean heart and conscience, it will lead him to peaceful co-existence with people of other faiths.

I admire the Catholic Church heirarchy’s move to embrace dialogue with Judaism and Islam faiths, not to mention the Orthodox Eastern Churches, the numerous splinter groups of our Protestant brethren, and people of other faiths. There is only one way of deepening our understanding for each other, and coming to a common belief that is a product of divine providence that will move our hearts and consciences, and that is to dialogue.

May our muslim brothers and sisters be open to discovering the riches of our Catholic faith instead of being quick to condemn, and that our catholic brethren will embrace certain truths of the Islamic faith, one of which is the belief of the One God.


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