Misuse of Catholic Images?

Is there anything to do about a newpaper advertisement for a palm reader who uses an image of the Virgin Mary? Isn’t the image owned by someone or the church. I don’t think it is fair to use the Virgin Mary’s image for something that is very against church teaching. :frowning:

it is also sacrilege to use a religious image for immoral purposes, such as gang members using Our Lady of Guadalupe as a “mascot” for their illegal activities. But no the Church does not own a copyright on most images, unless it is a new work by an artist who applies for a copyright. Most of the images you see are in the public domain, and so can be misused, just as can images of the American flag, for instance. Sad and shocking, and the hallmark of ignorance.

You can certainly write to the newspaper and tell them you find it offensive. Hopefully the newspaper will be sensitive to its readers, and not to want to alienate you. That might work better as a joint letter, with multiple Catholics signing (if other readers you know would also be bothered).

Saint Louis de Montfort:

Let no one presume to hope for the mercy of God, who dares to slight or offend God's mother.

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