Mitch Albom

Yesterday on his show he told a story about how he was asked to speak at a catholic church in California. He thought it was going to be a thing where he spoke to a few people after mass, and that it was tied to his new book about faith. But when he got there the priest asked him to speak to the whole church during mass in place of the priest’s homily. Albom said he spoke for about 15 minutes to the congregation after a brief talk by the father, instead of the father giving a full homily. He said it was the church that Maria Shriver and Arnold Swartzeneggar attend, and that they were there while he was speaking. Anyone else hear this? I think he said it was St Monica’s in LA somewhere.

I love listening to Mitch’s show, I didn’t get to yesterday. I am excited to read his new book, it looks pretty thought provoking.

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