Mitch McConnell Promises Vote on 20-Week Abortion Ban

Yes, elections do have consequences and, yes, voting for the pro-life party does make a difference. Of course the bill will be vetoed, but let the abortionists go on record doing so.

Yes, elections do have consequences. This is fantastic news.

I hope it happens so they can all be on record.

It is a legitimate response to the cultural practices that enabled Gosnell.

Excellent! But the House has to do the same. Force President Obama to veto it (if they can get it passed). They have to do this to show that they are committed to pro-life issues.

I think it might be more effective requiring the abortionists to have admitting rights at hospitals. that seems to have worked pretty well and is difficult to fight from a political stand point.

Politically speaking, bringing this into the legislature will shore up the pro-choice base, and divide the pro-choice movement.

Most Americans desire limits. Defying such a limit, post-Gosnell, will define those who oppose it as the ones who are fanatics.


I hope he does it even if the HOR does not take it up. Don’t just say it and not even bring it to the floor.

It would be great if this goes across the board, including to the HOR and to the states. Put some pressure on Obama and the Democrats to stand up for life.

I smell an excellent opportunity to label opponents of this legislation “Gosnellites”. Just think of the juicy labelmaking to be done here :slight_smile:

Hope this will pass, and I hope the children who are born are raised well and not abandoned.

We all, I shall presume, want the same for all children. First, I think it vital that the murder of these poor innocents be halted completely before attention can be paid any other issue.


Here are the voters in the Senate to watch:







How can this be? Everybody knows Republicans don’t really care about abortion

The fastest way to end all abortions in the USA
is to make every pre-born baby an automatic Democrat…

That’s why it’s so important to do now instead of waiting like someone else suggested. They must show they care. They can’t duck this vote and it also must pass the House. Anything short of that will be used as evidence that they can’t deliver on this issue.

Abortion will remain legal in this country until Catholic Democrats come to love the unborn more than they hate the GOP

**D.C. and it’s politicians refuse to follow laws on the books, nor will they secure our southern border ( there were just two deputies murdered by an illegal who was caught and deported two to four times for crimes, only to keep returning ). Politicians ( generalizing here, but mostly Democrats ) do this because they want certain groups of people to be here, so that they will become Democrats and vote Democrat. I was being sarcastic when the thought crossed my mind that if the unborn were Democrats, then they would become one of these “sacred cow groups” and be safe.

I totally agree with your very true statement. :thumbsup:**

You know, of course, there will be the outcry from your standard anti-Republican, third party voting, pro-lifers. *What about the babies less than 20 weeks? How could you possibly support these Republicans who are in favor of murdering babies as long as it is prior to 20 weeks?!? *

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