Mitt Romney, Donald Trump to Have Dinner Tonight Amid Cabinet Speculation


As he continues to form a Cabinet while his advisers feud over who should be secretary of state, Donald Trump plans to meet with Mitt Romney for the second time since Trump became president-elect.

Romney’s first audience with Trump was less than two weeks ago in Bedminster, New Jersey. The former Massachusetts governor and 2012 GOP presidential nominee called the meeting with Trump a “very thorough and in-depth discussion.”

"We had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the United States of real significance,” Romney told reporters upon leaving Trump National Golf Club on Nov. 19. “We discussed those areas, and exchanged our views on those topics – a very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had. And I appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect and I look forward to the coming administration and the things that it’s going to be doing.”

This time around, Romney and his wife, Ann, will be having dinner in New York with the president-elect and the incoming first lady, Melania Trump, according to a senior transition source.


Don’t really like this appointment, hope it doesn’t happen. I remember how disappointed
I was that Romney “gave up” on his base when he ran for President and recently how
horrible he acted toward Trump.


I hope Romney turns the appointment down if it is offered.

Trump is the one who acted horribly throughout the campaign. His bullying proves he should not be President.


I’d like to see the remarks of the election put in the past and to move forward to make America great again. I am delighted Romney may be under consideration and hope their dinner together is fruitful.



romney is terrible, big war hawk without having any military service or any service from his sons. i thought trump would be critical of romney’s view of american exceptionalism through military might.

maybe he likes romney because he doesn’t drink either.


I saw a photo
the chef did a fantastic job
made Mitt’s plate of ‘crow’ look almost tasty



That alt right… I mean… Ain’t right :rotfl:


[quote=KevinAK;14316674His bullying proves he should not be President.

Millions thought otherwise. Why not get on with your life? It is what it is.


Certainly no arguments from me regarding Trump’s behavior on the campaign trail, but he was elected president. As Mary said, it is what it is. If all principled people (and I’m not saying whether or not that applies to Romney ;)) refuse to work with Trump, we then only guarantee that the Trump administration is filled with unprincipled people. That will be bad for our country.

And even if we think that a Trump presidency being bad for the country is a forgone conclusion, there is still a whole spectrum of badness. There is bad and then there is worse. I think we should do our best to mitigate the badness in any way that we can.


Wise words, Joe.


Well, I mean, technically a couple million more thought Clinton should be President…


Yes, wise words indeed. There has been a lot of talk about loyalty to the President. That is something that dictators need to do - to surround themselves with loyalists because otherwise they may find their throat slit. In America we have a different view. We see great value in having a team in place that is willing to challenge the President with alternative views, and a President who is willing to listen to them. The job is too complex to leave up to the sole vision on one man. I take it as a hopeful sign that Trump might be considering Romney. It would help to unify the country and defuse a lot of the anger that Trump himself has stirred up.


And a hopeful sign that Romney would consider it after he was pretty forthright with his criticisms of Trump prior to his election.

Stirring up anger was helpful on the campaign trail, but is more of a hindrance now. I think Trump is smart enough to realize that. I hope so anyway.


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