Mitt Romney Flip-Flops Between Abortion and Pro-Life

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After seeing a thread where Catholic Bishop(s?) endorsed the Senator and listening to my memory, I researched for his stand on abortion. I found this:

Which leads with:

“Mitt Romney gives pro-family speeches to conservatives but has an actual record of being aggressively pro-abortion both before and especially after his claimed “pro-life” conversion.”
Please see this link, which details his flip-flopping. I won’t vote for him, after verifying my memory of his record.

This link’s article shows Newt Gingrich votes his pro-life stance:

So, he gets my vote. (I’m always suspicious of whom the main stream media supports).

Rather than start another thread, I added the link on Newt Gingrich to this thread.

God loves all of you, lurkers, too,

Reagan passed the most (at that time) proabortion law in California history. And turned out to be the best President in my lifetime (and a great pro-lifer). People make mistakes. As Catholics we need to make decisions based on current behavior, no? You remember: the whole forgiveness thing? :wink:

I assume that you are not voting for Obama either, then, since he is vastly more pro-abortion.

A non vote for Romney=a vote for Obama, unfortunately.

Good afternoon, Luigi Daniele,

Yes, we are to forgive 70 times 7 … in one day … and probably on each trespass. But, during Jesus’ physical time in Judea, they didn’t have elected politicians, but the Roman Empire government by force of arms on a conquered nation. I think that makes a big difference.
That is to say, when forgiving Mitt Romney can get millions of unborn babies killed, remember that Jesus says: “Cast not your pearls before swine, lest they turn and rend thee.”

So, with the editing to my thread, which was not there when you responded, not voting for Romney allows us to vote for Newt Gingrich, instead of no-vote for President Barak Hussien Obama II.

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I am voting either Gingrich or Santorum in my primary. Just to keep Romney honest.:smiley:

I was speaking about the General Election, though :wink:

God bless you, brother :slight_smile:

Very well reasoned and very clear. I find the continued spin and attempts to cast Romney as pro-abortion to be the work of the extreme left obama supportters.

And Romney flip-flopping on abortion is news how again? We can measure pro-lifeness by honesty about our stances - that’s what we measure it by; not ideological inclinations or election-eve conversions.

And you would take Romney at his word? Given his history? On what basis?

It’s high time to recognize the obvious: the entire “vote pro life” strategy has proven a dismal failure. We’ve been urged to employ this strategy for 35+ years and does anyone think we are any closer to outlawing abortion?

Politicians like Romney still need, and troll for, our votes because they still need votes to get power. Once elected, they forget about the Catholic votes and do the bidding of those whose money is vastly more powerful.

Also, those still clinging to the hope that the USSC can be turned around, think again. The USCC has shown a propensity for deciding cases on an “Americanist” basis; that is, the notion that religion is perfectly OK in private, but invalid as legal basis for upholding or overturning statutes. If abortion has become ingrained in the culture, the USSC will accept no moral/religious basis for stopping it. No matter who appoints Justices.

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