Mitt Romney Is Under ‘Active Consideration’ to Be Secretary of State


That’s a twist.


Romney would be fabulous to turn around the Veterans Administration.


It is good to see that Donald Trump is humble enough to forgive someone like Mitt Romney, who viciously attacked Trump without provocation during the primaries and the general election campaign. I think that Mitt Romney would be an excellent addition to Trump’s cabinet now that they appeared to have buried the hatchet after this meeting.


I wonder, though, whether Trump could trust Romney?

Trump supported Romney, then when the roles were reversed, Romney turned on him. Maybe Trump thinks he has found the key to the guy’s loyalty, but if I were Trump, I wouldn’t trust the man.


Might be a case of keep your friends close,keep your enemies closer.
Trump is a bigger person than I could ever be.I do not like Romney,the way he trashed Trump is shameful.IMO


Does trust supercede principles, which are obviously wavering here and with Cruz et al? I would hire on the basis of solid principles and convictions, not whether they were loyal to me and to all my imperfections. The redundancy in government is most annoying.


I agree!


True, but Trump has said he wants the best and brightest in his administration and so far, IMO, he is doing just that.


Yes,that is true and I suppose with his extensive business acumen,Trump knows how to overlook certain issues and work with people.In the long run this will probably bode well for him and his administration.However,I still don’t like Romney!:stuck_out_tongue:


Romney went well beyond not being “loyal” to his party or its candidate. One thing no administration needs is some guy who will suddenly turn against his own administration publicly. I don’t know that Romney can be trusted not to do that.

But it could be one of those things like Lyndon Johnson once said about McNamara (whom he disliked) when someone suggested Johnson fire him. Johnson responded “I would rather have him inside the tent p—ing (urinating) out than outside the tent p—ing in.”


That sounds like something Johnson would say. BTW, is there anyone LBJ liked?

In regard to Romney, I think he would make an excellent SOS and Trump would be wise to appoint him. I can’t believe, however, that Romney would want to work for him after what he said about Trump during the campaign. The latter, as you have stated before, is a pragmatist, not an ideologue, so it might be easier for Trump to make amends.


Perhaps my problem with Romney is that I never understood why he was so adamant in his opposition to Trump to begin with. Party loyalty isn’t everything, and I understand that. But for the titular head of the party to be so overtly opposed to the voters’ clear choice was just incomprehensible to me. I understand why the Bushes were so miffed. Trump belittled Jeb in a way that was unusual for a person of Bush’s stature or the ponderous dignity of that family. But Romney? I don’t know what offended him, offends him now, or would offend him in the future.

That being the case, if I were Trump I wouldn’t trust Romney to not go “off the reservation” in some really damaging way while in office.

As to LBJ, I think he liked people who were much like himself. He absolutely despised eastern elitist types and people of privilege. I don’t remember who he said the following about, but it was a governmental person of vaunted background and intelligence: “I would feel a lot better about him if he had run for sheriff once.”


Are you kidding?
Donald Trump…humble? forgiving? A “big person”?
Are we talking about the same person?

The only reason he’s calling upon Romney now is because he is desperate for help and needs him. As is his wont, Trump completely ignores the fact that he called Romney “a loser” a few months ago–as if it never happened. Trump’s good at saying and doing things, and then pretending it never happened. And he’s good at using people like chess pieces.

Romney, of course, called Trump a “phony, a con man, a fake and a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He’s playing the American people for suckers."
He meant what he said and had good reason for saying it.

If Romney is a decent man, I can only think the reason he is agreeing to meet with Trump is because he doesn’t want to see the new president completely ruin and mess up the country and if he can help stop that from happening, he will try.
Trump’s only hope is to surround himself with smart, good people…so far, he has not done much of that, though.

Or…if Romney is not an honest, good man with integrity, then…he uses people, too, and just wants a top job on the team in the White House, no matter what he thinks about Trump.

I hope it’s the former.



Apparently he’s the leading candidate now.


This would be a stupid pick. Romney has no foreign policy experience at all.


Better than Giuliani. I could live with Romney as Secretary of State if I had to.


I agree, Giuliani would make no sense at all. There just has to be someone more qualified than Romney.


Romney Leads Picks for Secretary of State…


If Mitt Romney is selected, it will seem Donald Trump is looking for people he believes will be good “dealmakers” and not overly concerned with personal loyalty. It would lend one to see some of his campaign rhetoric as being attention grabbers - more than expressing conviction.

The reasons he gave for selecting Nikki Haley may be his priorities.

“Governor Haley has a proven track record of bringing people together regardless of background or party affiliation to move critical policies forward for the betterment of her state and our country,” Trump said in a statement.

“She is also a proven dealmaker, and we look to be making plenty of deals. She will be a great leader representing us on the world stage.”


Trump advisers divided over selecting Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani for Sec. of State, or an alternate candidate.

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