Mitt Romney met privately with William Kristol, who is leading the effort to draft an independent candidate


**In spite of his insistence that he will not run, Mitt Romney is being courted this week by a leading conservative commentator to reconsider and jump into the volatile 2016 presidential race as an independent candidate.

William Kristol, the longtime editor of the Weekly Standard magazine and a leading voice on the right, met privately with the 2012 nominee on Thursday afternoon to discuss the possibility of launching an independent bid, potentially with Romney as its standard-bearer.**

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I think that most would like to give the presumptive nominee a chance before exploring that option.


The Mormons really don’t like Trump so they may be encouraging Romney as well.


Is the purpose to siphon off votes from Trump to ensure that Hillary wins? Or does Romney really believe he can win this time? The whole thing sounds far-fetched to me, but this whole election cycle has been far-fetched.


The plan is that with a third candidate, nobody may get the required number of electoral votes, then the Congress gets to select the President and the Senate gets to select the VP.


If Romney decides to run as a third party candidate or another does, it ensures a Hillary win. I don’t know what is wrong with Krystal. Now, if on the other hand Bernie does, that might be a win win win for the GOP. Like it or not, Trump is the candidate , and if they don’t like it they can boycott the convention (Romney already is). And yes, Mormons would love Romney to run, but they also liked Cruz.


I doubt very much that would happen. People would either vote for Hillary or stay home. And lots can’t stomach Romney either


Yeah, I’ve heard that, but how does that happen? To do this, the third party would have to take electoral votes away from Clinton, but, if anything this third party would probably just turn Georgia over to Clinton and turn it into a rout.


Timing to get on the ballot is probably the issue. If they don’t move now, it’ll be too late in a few weeks.


Give Trump a chance? You mean by electing him President?

The whole point of the “exercise” described is to avoid that outcome. Most likely though, the only other outcome is HRC and a Democratic House and Senate.



They need to forget about Romney.



This article was posted in March and it’s now May:

Sorry, Conservatives, It’s Likely Too Late for a Viable Third-Party Candidate

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Sorry, Conservatives, It’s Likely Too Late for a Viable Third-Party Candidate

if not nearly impossible, to qualify a third party or independent candidate in enough states to come close to winning 270 electoral votes.

I think only one other candidate is registered nationwide and that is Gary Johnson, I also think he should consider giving up smoking pot he looks completely stoned whenever he talks. :blush:


If Romney is the best they have, the GOP is more broken than anyone has ever given them credit for.


I don’t know the complexity of “they” in regards to these various strains of GOP thinking. I get the feeling the Romney strain was out played by a party take-over of Trump and Cruz.

However, past that I think whoever is speaking for the people should be held to the fire to promote their values and ideals i.e abortion etc. I don’t see where Romney nor anyone has a market on what the people desire and insist should be policy thus legislation. What we have imo is the usual divided country only more hostile in the division. So in my estimation we need more clarity from whoever is the leader and thats on both sides of this political warfare they have on-going.


There is also the “Green Party candidate” which will be registered in all 50 states. The Green Party has yet to nominate it’s candidate for 2016.

Alas, also not a conservative option. :shrug:


I don’t think their meeting infers that Romney would be the nominee.


The thing is, another party may be launched even if they think the nominee of that party had little to no chances of getting to 270, but the nominee could do enough to stop Trump and that may be their aim. As I heard Rudy Guiliani comment on Fox News, it could help to elect Hillary Clinton.


So, a good percentage of Republicans want to stop Trump and want to help elect Hillary Clinton?

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