Mitt Romney’s Eldest Son Has Twins Via Surrogate

O’HARA, Pa. – Tagg Romney, the eldest son of presidential candidate Mitt Romney, announced via Twitter that he and his wife Jen have new twin boys, delivered by a surrogate today.

“Happy 2 announce birth of twin boys David Mitt and William Ryder. Big thanks to our surrogate. Life is a miracle,” Tagg tweeting, linking to a photo of himself and one of his new sons.

This the second time that Tagg, 42, and his wife, Jen,39, have used a surrogate. The same surrogate was used for the twins carried their youngest son Jonathan, who was born in August of 2010. Their other three children were not born via surrogacy.

Of course, this means that they had embryos created that were not implanted. They were either destroyed, or will be at some time in the future.

Do Catholics have a problem with this?


Of course we do. Why do you ask?

I am not sure how you say “of course.” Were you part of their medical team? Or is this an assumption on your part?

It’s what happens in IVF.

They fertilize mutlitude of eggs, then emplant one and freeze the others. If that doesn’t take, they have others to use.

If they one they implant takes, they either destroy the others, or keep them frozen for future use.

Either way, not all of them will be used, they’ll be destroyed.

It’s the intrinsic evil of IVF, which the Church opposes, not loudly enough however.


There are doctors that don’t do IVF that way any more. I wouldn’t make assumptions unless I knew for sure the details.

It’s the only way they do it.

They can’t fertilize just one egg, and they wouldn’t bother trying.


Well, either way, it was still IVF AND a surrogate, both which is prohibited by the Catholic Church.

Will you still vote for a candidate, who supports a intrinsic moral evil and has it part of his own personal life?


Oh lovely.

My own family members have done this also, I suppose you impute their actions to me, too?

There is no proof that the candidate supports it as it is his son and his wife who have had the procedure, not Mitt himself.

Some people donate the extra embryos to other infertile couples . Not that it makes it okay, but at least the embryos aren’t destroyed.

Do you mean to ask if I would vote for Romney rather than Obama? Yes, I will.

As far as I know it is Mitt Romney running for office, not his son. Did you not know that?:rolleyes:

First of all, Tagg is not running for President. So, saying intrinsic evil is “part of Mitt Romney’s personal life” because his son chose to do something is not a valid reason to critique a candidate. Secondly, there may very well be no difference between the two major candidates on IVF.

I will absolutely vote for the candidate looking to do the most to end or limit intrinsic moral evils. That would be Mitt Romney, not Barack Obama. I’m not going to stay home and/or vote for the “perfect” third party candidate that has no chance of taking office.

Maybe this helps.

Asked whether Mitt Romney had publicly expressed views on IVF or surrogacy, Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul emailed his position on stem cell research. He has repeatedly voiced support for stem cell research using excess embryos from IVF under “appropriate ethical boundaries.”

Read more:


Okay…so Obama and Romney agree on some intrinsic evils and disagree on others. I still have to weigh the two candidates and vote for the best one. What’s your point? Are you sitting this campaign out because neither of the two candidates is perfect on intrinsic evils?

Not in this case. The babies are biologically the Romney’s.


Right, we have to weigh both candidates on the issues.

Just providing information and asking the questions, not telling Catholics how to vote.


The first part of the sentence is incorrect. The second part might be correct.
Surrogate motherhood does not necessarily mean in vitro fertilization.
It appears the Mormon church does not favor it, but I am not sure what exact kind they frown on.

The Catholic Church is opposed to it when either a father impregnates a woman who is not his wife or when in vitro fertilization using a number of eggs is employed. I have yet to find any reference where the Catholic Church (or the Mormon church, for that matter) opposes or does not oppose implantation of an already fertilized egg taken from the natural mother into another woman.

Unfortunately, the cited article tells us nothing except that a surrogate mother was employed in the process.

Regardless, the whole point of the thread is to discredit Mitt Romney and thereby encourage Catholic support of Obama, the man who is forcing the Catholic Church to do evil “or else” by his HHS mandate. I think we’ll see a lot of this as the election approaches.

But as near as I can tell, Mitt Romney had nothing to do with the surrogate deal. By election time, of course, the DNC will be claiming he did. Probably the week before election day.

On the other hand, the DNC might try new stuff and photoshop Romney’s head on a porn movie actor’s body. Will they sink that low? Having already prosecuted the Lutheran Church, mandated that Catholic institutions provide contraceptives and abortifacients to their employees, and forced the government of Kenya to enshrine “abortion rights” in order to provide food for the starving, it’s clear there is no depth to which they will not sink.

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