Mixed Marriages~Catholic/Protestant


I strongly believe I am being led toward the Catholic Church. My wife of 20 years is not real keen on the idea and is satisfied at the Baptist church we attend.

Since two parishes in our area have Saturday evening Mass it would seem that I could go then (or even a 7:30 Sunday morn) and still accompany my family to the Baptist church.

Is anyone doing anything similar and how is it working out?



In our case, I was the one who converted to the Catholic faith. My husband is quite happy at the United Church.

I used to think that I was going to try to attend both, but on the advice of my priest, I am attending only the Catholic Church. My priest’s reasoning was that people in the Protestant church might get confused and either think that I didn’t actually convert to the Catholic faith (which would be a confusing witness to others) or else think that Catholics are generally allowed to go to Protestant churches (which is not true) and start trying to encourage their other Catholic friends to come, by saying, “Oh, but “J” is Catholic, and she comes to our church!” - which could lead to who knows what kind of trouble.

So, I followed his advice, and going only to Catholic Mass is working out just fine for us.


I can see where the Priest makes a good point~just don’t like the idea of my wife and two boys off to church alone…though I would have the boys come with me too–I read Hahn’s Rome Sweet Home and ours is kinda similar though I’m no paid preacher/theologian…my wife feels kinda deserted about it all though she really has nothing to say against a lot of what I read (she picks stuff up now and then)…

Wish this coulda been settled years ago~what a messed up trip.


Follow God, and increase the love and attention you give your wife. You should be such a great husband that she shows up at the Baptist Ladie’s Lunch and says “gals, you all should get your husbands to become Catholic. It is the best thing that ever happened to us!”

Expose her to Catholics who can show her how much they love Jesus.

It may be years, but, pray every day she follows you into the Church.


I was Protestant when I married my DH, who is Catholic. He would often attend 730 Mass and then join me at my church (UCC) for 10a services. I don’t see any problem with going to Mass and then going to worship services, and I’m not sure why anyone would find that confusing.

After our sons were born, we did the same for awhile. Then as I learned about Catholicism so that I could teach my boys, I became more and more interested, and felt called to the Church. Now we all attend Mass together, and while I sometimes miss the community of my old church, for me it just doesn’t have the meaning that Mass does.

HTH – and welcome to the Church!


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