Mixed signals?


Does it mean a guy likes you if, when you take a bad fall and he helps you up, he cups your cheek in his hand in order to comfort you?


Guys are not really into sending hidden messages, we girls like to spend way too much time dissecting every little thing, gesture, breath :smiley:

It most likely means that he thought you needed comforting.


He was probably just being nice. But now he has definitely noticed you, so maybe he’ll start liking you…and maybe not. Time will tell. He sounds like a thoughtful guy, though, to care enough to do that. :slight_smile:


Does it mean a guy likes you if he brings over a video and two bottles of wine on a Saturday night?

Apparently NOT in my case.



Yep, that’s about it. Just like Greg Behrendt said in his book by the same name, “he’s just not that into you if he doesn’t ask you out.” The wine and video guy may like you as a buddy or may kinda like you and be testing the waters, and that’s a drag when you are wanting more (btdt2). But such is life…:shrug:

At least he brought over some wine, and didn’t just show up to freeload, like someone in my past used to do. :rolleyes:


Yes, but it’s perfectly possible it ends at liking. It’s also possible he likes everyone that way. I can perfectly see it happening between friends.


Then you don’t know either. I know at least one guy in whose case an invitation to a coffee doesn’t mean anything romantic and you’re talking to him at the moment. :wink:


So where’s my coffee? :wink:


Here you go unless you prefer outside. :wink:


:smiley: LOL This post made me laugh…I don’t know if you meant it to be funny, but it made me laugh.


It wasn’t funny at the time… :eek: … But, yeah, it’s pretty funny now!


For awhile I had a history of being everybody’s “un-date.” Don’t have a real date? Grab some wine or a 6-pack and head over to Carrie’s place. Whoo-hoo! So I know the feeling, sister!



I was always best at NOT interpreting ‘he likes me’ signals appropriately… as I’ve always preferred guys as friends :shrug: … so I had opposite surprises :blush: .

(I’d probably be the kind of gal to bring wine and a video and hope for a relaxing evening with a male friend :smiley: … and not even CONSIDER ANYTHING else)

Why isn’t there a manual for this stuff? :mad:


There have been other signs as well. We were at Mass together and he kissed me on the cheek twice. He’s naturally affectionate, but some affectionate gestures confuse me because they seem more romantic than platonic, so I do wonder sometimes.


I’m a guy, and I’m pretty sure if a guy came on Saturday night with two bottles of wine, he has a little more than friendship on his mind.

And I don’t mean that in a sexual way.


You could be a little sly. Ask your friend how does a girl know if a guy really likes her for than a friend?:wink:


Cupped your cheek? Kissed you on the cheek at Mass?
Oh YEAH he’s interested! No doubt about it. Guys don’t normally do that - I have a husband and three sons and I know the signs of incipient romance!:wink:


At the same time, it’s hard to read because he’s normally affectionate to women and twice the gentleman. I’ve seen him give friends of mine a hug and a kiss on the cheek. But I don’t know. I’ve never had a guy touch my face before (not even my ex) and I’ve always seen it as a romantic gesture. I’ve been asked point blank by one of our chaplains if we were together (she’s seen us together a LOT) and she even wondered in the beginning of the semester if he had a crush on me. Very interesting…


I know I may shound just crazy here - but - why not…



Oh, I don’t know…there’s something sweet about that slow process of discovery. My vote is to not rush it.

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