Mixing Human DNA With Animal DNA Is Like Bestiality

Research being done at MIT adds some human DNA with animal DNA to create a chimera, part animal part human being (see link below).

My own analysis of this, is that it is a grave sin before God and is comparable to bestiality. I base this understanding upon Church teaching that human sexual acts must be between a man and a women and the act can not deliberately separate the unitive and procreative within sex.

In the case of mixing human DNA with animal DNA there is no unitive aspect of bonding with the animal however, there is a procreative aspect in donating DNA or a portion of human DNA to an animal. Because of this, I believe it is a form of bestiality and a grave sin before God.

It is my intention to get others to also see this line of reasoning so that we are not unknowingly drawn into grave sin by the use of medical procedures that depend upon this abomination. Even if it saves lives, we should never do evil. I think we need to get out in front of this before the media does too much damage spreading their culture of death and bestiality.

We need to stick up for God’s exclusive copy-write-Right when it comes to human design and human DNA code.

Link to MIT Research Report

You are too late. We already have DNA sequences that are base-for-base identical to the equivalent DNA in other organisms. For example, our Cytochrome-C gene is identical to the Cytochrome-C gene in chimpanzees. Because our physical bodies are similar to other organisms, at various levels, we already share much DNA.


Gene editing technology for humans with certain conditions is moving forward. Sadly, this type of research to grow replacement organs in animals for humans is fraught with certain unknowns. It is established that foreign tissue will be attacked by the body’s immune system. There is no way around that. Immunosuppresant drugs would have to be taken for a lifetime. But this is definitely a blind “let’s try and see what happens” situation like genetic knock-out experiments in animals.

Hopefully, publication of this attempt will bring in regulators and those in the scientific community who will read the results if the experiments are “successful.” If unsuccessful, further research will occur with money from God knows where.



Mixing animal with animal is a different subject. One of the researchers is using his own cells DNA and mixing it with an animal. He is pro-creating with pigs. Given the mystery of sex and the human person we need to treat it with a lot of respect. I won’t be taking any human organs that have been grown in a pig.

Its said the Nazis were involved in these types of experiments, Ive read they were trying to combine a wolf and a man…who knows some of the abominations they created back then!

I believe the ancient Egyptians were also tinkering with this.

Id say these kinds of experiments are probably taking place today, but we would never be allowed to hear about them.

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