Mixing politics and religion

As time goes on, it bothers me to see so many of my brothers and sisters on this forum and on other forms who mix politics and religion.
Why? Because it tends to divide us.
We attend Mass each Sunday to give praise and glory to God.
We pray each day for our family and friends.
We even offer prayers and forgiveness for those who have offended us in some form or fashion.
I believe politics are the religion of division. Us against them. We are right and they are wrong.
In the other days, it was, we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.
Today, people are demonized because they are conservative or liberal, independent, or somewhere in between.
“Vote for our candidate because he or she supports our religious values…”
God is not a Democrat or a Republican. God loves us all.
I pray to God today for all of my CAF brothers and sisters. May God bless us all. :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


I think it’s inevitable. Religion and politics impinge upon each other in many ways. When you stake out a moral position based on religious convictions, much of the time it results in you having to stake out a political position as well.

What bothers me is that the mixture of religion and politics seems to create a vacuum void of charity.

That being said, I rarely ever read the political threads in this forum. I’m not American, and there’s only so much I can bear to hear about Trump - what he’s doing right, what he’s doing wrong, what supernatural mystery keeps his comb over combed over - on any given day.


I’m an American and there’s only so much I can bear to hear about him. Quite frankly I’m tired of it.


It’s “kosher” for Fr. Joe to talk about Church teachings as they may apply to specific topics, but it’s “treif” (forbidden) to endorse candidates or political parties.

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Well some would say it is sad that liberals who identify as Catholic do not support our Pro Life President because of their adherence to their liberal political ideology. But regardless politics are a part of spiritual warfare especially now when the battlelines are so clearly drawn with the democrats’ political ideology that is in opposition to the five Catholic non negotiables especially by being pro abortion.

It is not about religion or politics. Recent polls point to one thing: if the election took place today, male voters would pick Trump over any democratic candidate; female voters would vote for any democrat over Trump.
It is a gender divide. If you want to insert religion into this, you will have to draw your own conclusions.

Is the argument that religious principles shouldn’t be reflected in politics? I know one place that perhaps could’ve used a bit more real religion in its politics. From the 1920 Nazi Party Platform:

"We demand the freedom of all religious confessions in the state, insofar as they do not jeopardize the state’s existence or conflict with the manners and moral sentiments of the Germanic race.“

I think it’s vitally important for Believers to inject their faith into national politics. Our governments need lanterns hung wherever possible. Creatures that live and thrive in darkness are a real and present danger. But…

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

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Lol…remember the polls on election night 2016?

I’m guessing who ever did this poll did not ask women in the Pro Life movement what they think.

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There are a ship ton of “Women For Trump” out there.

I am male and I will not vote for Trump.

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I am not a one candidate voter.
I refuse to support Trump simply because he is pro life.
As for the other issues, he is against affordable health care, an increase in minimum wage, improved medicare and social security benefits, tax breaks for the middle- and working class, immigration reform, increased wages for teachers, better health care for veterans, tax cuts for the elderly, lower prices for prescription medications, laws that strengthen environmental protection, etc.

I want America to be a country of all religions (so long as they don’t impose harm).

It’s only beneficial to blur the lines between Church and State when it’s your Church.

So let’s keep them as separate as we can, shall we?

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Iran is a good reason for not mixing politics and religion together.

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