Mixing Religious and Non-Religious Jewelry

I have a well-loved (read: sort of beat up) locket with the Claddagh symbol on it. It contains a picture of someone I care very much about, and I rarely take it off. Since, once it arrives, I also plan to leave my Thomas More medal on most of the time, it seems like it would be less cumbersome to just wear it on the same chain as my locket. Would that be weird?

Not if you think it looks nice! It also seems trendy to layer necklaces. Whatever “look” you like… :slight_smile:

I always thought of the Claddagh as a religious symbol. :man_shrugging:

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Claddagh seems to be the Sacred Heart of Jesus. it would be fine, the locket could fit well for you. You may also want to put a picture of St. Thomas inside your locket to make it ideal.

I’m not familiar with the Claddagh symbol. If it’s not satanic, witch-craft-ish or occultish, I don’t see the issue. If it is, maybe you could find a different kind of locket to carry the picture of the person you care very much about.

The Claddagh is a traditional Irish symbol that signifies love, loyalty and friendship. There is nothing whatsoever “satanic, witch-craft-ish, or occultish” about it. It’s frequently worn by people of Irish heritage and also popular as a wedding or engagement ring. I have worn a Claddagh ring for about 25 years. I also used the Claddagh design as the front cover of the programs for the guests at my wedding held at a Nuptial Mass in a Catholic church.


Interesting! Thanks for the info!

If you have two together there may be scratching.


Like on the finish?

Yes, the finish.

My husband and I have them as our wedding rings.

The Claddagh is not a religious symbol, @EugeneCharles, nor is it a symbol of the Sacred Heart.



My brother and his wife chose Claddagh wedding rings.


This is true. However, I have seen claddaghs that add a religious symbol to the basic claddagh, or example by having a cross cut out or superimposed in the middle of the heart.

No objection to using them on tombstones or in such setting is raised in Catholic cemeteries and in the UK (as I know in the US) symbols and wording have to be approved before errection.

The ring is a finger ring of the type often used in the late middle ages for ‘pledging your troth’. There’s an awful lot of legends about how it originated, but the actual truth behind any of them is much harder to ascertain. There is also a village of the same name which is associated with the rings.

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