MLB Chief Might Reinstate Aaron as Home Run King, Suspend Rodriguez

Is baseball’s steroid scandal about to make Hank Aaron the once and future home run king?

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig reportedly is considering restoring the crown to Aaron, who lost it in 2007 to Barry Bonds.

Bonds is set to go on trial on March 2 on obstruction of justice charges related a federal investigation into the BALCO steroid scandal.,2933,491644,00.html

Selig is destroying what is left of the game. Punishing players for things they did before the ban’s is wrong even if what they did was wrong.

Things like this may make the Player’s Association to call a strike and put baseball in the grave.

What the heck is the deal with that guy? He really needs to step down for the good of the game.



Why is he going to suspend A-rod? He didn’t do anything against the rules at the time. In my opinion his just due is his tarnished image over this. What about the other 103 players on the list?

So what do they plan on doing? Pretend that none of Bonds’ HRs happened? Are they going to go back and change the results of every game Bonds hit a home run in? It’s just silly; it’s another type of revisionist history.

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