MLK bust is still in in the Oval Office


MLK bust is still in in the Oval Office.

See the photo:

Not sure where to post this.

It had been reported that President Trump removed the bust of Martin Luther King.

So, would that be false information?


The journalist immediately corrected his story and apologized.


Too late; the damage has already been done. So much for responsible journalism.


What damage? I heard about the apology before I heard about the mistake.


The issue is that journalists are conditioned to look for and quickly report on the smallest possible detail that in any way could make Mr. Trump look bad, and which fits the media-established narrative about him.








You did, but how many others did? IMO probably not many. They were too incensed to see or believe a retraction.


I have no idea. The first time I heard it was when Kellyanne was deflecting on Meet the Press. I haven’t really seen anybody talking about it since then.


President Trump has in the past won awards for race relations, a fact the press likes to downplay.


This article was the first I’ve heard of it and I’m definitely not living in a conservative bubble.


When, who, and what for? I think I’d like to see some proof of that. A quick google came up with nothing.


So the careless and intentional lie doesn’t matter because it didn’t achieve anything?


It was admitted to and apologized for. That’s why it didn’t achieve anything.


It wasn’t a lie, he was a pool reporter who didn’t see it in the oval office, made a mistake, and corrected it, with a direct apology to Spicer.


Couldn’t find a link by googling. Do you have any?


Maybe they are confusing lawsuits with awards?


If you are a reporter and saw something that may or may not be true, wouldn’t you first call up the White House and ask if indeed the bust had been removed? Wouldn’t that be the obligatory thing to do before publishing anything?


Hence the apology.

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