When my children were young I was trying to explain the difference between the two types of camels when I suddenly realised that B for Bactrian (2 humps) laid on its side has two humps, and D for dromedary (1 hump) laid on its side has but one hump. This helped them for many years until people stopped talking about camels!

Have you a favourite way of remembering something you’d care to share?


You can make the letter “L” with the forefinger and thumb of your left hand.


Ok. Then what do I do? :blush:

(Sorry I’ve just been reading the cartoons, funny.)


“L” is for left.

(We lefties have a hard time with the concepts of left and right) :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh I see, very clever. Also would work for children too.


Fork has 4 letters. Left has 4 letters. It gets placed left side. Spoon and knife have 5 letters. Right has 5 letters so knife and spoon go on the right side. Spoon, with its “o” goes on the outside. Knife, with its “i” goes on the inside.


Way back when I was an apprentice electrician, we learned “ELI the ICE man” to remind us of the phase difference between voltage and current in an AC circuit, with the letter E being the voltage, I being the current, L being an inductor, and C being a capacitor. Fascinating. :sleeping:

We also learned a little saying to help us remember the resistor color code, which is not appropriate to mention in mixed company or on a Catholic site :open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:.


I had problems remembering which way to turn the hose nozzle when I was little. My dad kept repeating, “Righty tighty, lefty loosey!”


I assume everyone knows Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain, for the colours of the rainbow.


In health care, we learn to listen to heart sounds with the acronym APE to MAN:
Aortic Valve
Pulmonic Valve
Erbs Point
Tricuspid Valve
M(an)-Mitral Valve


The circle (or cycle) of fifths in music: Father Charles Goes Down and Ends Battle. F-C-G-D-A-E-B


Catholic site. Just use “Pale Gas” to remember the 7 deadly sins.



How about this one. Me and my family often had trouble working out if it was a new moon or not so I decided to define it.

The default answer is yes, it’s a new moon…if the curve is on the right. So my mnemonic is, if it’s on the right you’re right, if not you’re wrong.


And for all you astronomers out there… star temperature classifications. Everyone knows our sun is G3 type star. So an easy way to remember the major types is…


Ok, so here’s another I learned from having a few flying lessons years ago regarding which way a plane is travelling in, because sometimes it’s hard to tell.
We remember p.s, as is written sometimes at the bottom of a letter. P is port (the wine) which is red and s is starboard which is green. Just remember the red port and if it’s green it’s on the other side.
Secondly the letters ps on a page occur with p on the left and s on the right, in this case p for port for red (the red light) is on the left if you’re in the plane and s for starboard is green and on your right if you’re in the plane.

So if you see two lights in the sky on a plane and the red one is on the left it’s travelling away from you, if the red is on the right it’s coming towards you! This could be very useful if you happen to be walking down a runway at night.

This also applies to boats as well in that if you’re facing towards the pointy end (the bow) then PS applies too.

So simple I’m sure I could have written in two lines! I might edit this.


Famous astronomer (and colorist if you’r e an artist) Roy G. Biv



Treble Clef:
Spaces: FACE
Lines: every good boy does fine

Bass Clef:
Spaces: all cows eat grass
Lines: Grizzly bears don’t fly airplanes

Then I started playing viola, which uses Alto clef :’(


For All Cymbals Emit Grandly
Girls Bring Dear Friends


Here’s a Lego building technique: SNOT



I thought that was to keep them from coming apart.

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