Mobile Catholic Prayerbook

Hello everyone!

For Lent, I thought to make a little app that would bring us closer to our faith through our mobile phones :slight_smile:

It’s a little Java app that contains the common (and not-so-common) Catholic prayers and devotion. It’s available in English, Spanish, Latin and Bahasa Indonesia. (Other phones’ versions & major language versions are coming soon). It’s FREE for download – well, I planned to give it away for free during Lent – at this site:

Also, I’d appreciate any comment or suggestion or error report.

PS: I’m releasing this app to raise funds towards my grad school. Do donate if you like it.


Hi linuxmonkey!

Good idea for a phone app.

Just yesterday, I was able to google for some Catholic prayers from my phone, then I handwrote them down, so that I could type them up into my NOTEPAD function on my phone. This way, I can pull up a prayer I don’t have memorized, and read it from my NOTEPAD function. Slips of paper are getting annoying, esp when they get ratty.

Of course, I probably shouldn’t take out my cell phone to read from during prayers before Mass. I will stick with slips of paper at that time.

Glad you found it useful, graceandglory!

I too used to keep some of these little prayers on my “notes” app on the phone; and slips of paper are lost all the time… Anyway, I’m sure the priest could tell if someone is merely fiddling with the phone, or reading prayers off the phone :slight_smile: On a side note, I sometimes browse the daily missal reading on the phone when I happen to attend Mass without my missal…

Im on a mobile right now but the link said there is a cost.

Also, Im new to this Voyager so I cant figure out how to download anything yet.

If you clicked on the link to download to your mobile directly, there’s a cost (because someone has to pay for the text message sent to your phone).

Alternatively, you can PM me so i can send you the link to the file accessible directly on your mobile! :smiley:

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