Mobile death squads to kill sick and elderly in their own homes leads to surge in suicide rates in the Netherlands


One in 30 deaths in Holland are now from euthanasia, it has been revealed.

It comes after the Dutch government allowed mobile death squads to kill sick and elderly people in their own homes.

Official figures released yesterday, showed that euthanasia deaths soared by 13 per cent in 2012 compared to the previous year.

This is absolutely sickening. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are murder. :mad:


While I do not judge those who choose to end their lives early out of their own free will and full consent with a sound mind…the following is disturbing:

‘In that kind of culture euthanasia becomes expected and inevitable and everything else – such as good palliative care and a functional hospice movement – is gradually portrayed as rather selfish.’

How scary that euthanasia may be considered a societal expectation and not a grievous unfortunate decision to be made…

Not in this country :dts:


It’s coming, rest assured.

People keep voting for pro-death ‘leaders.’


I would not give much credence to an article from the UK Daily Mail. It is famous for not being very accurate in its reporting, tends to overstate the case. Its grammar is also terrible.


When one perceives no cross to bear then one strives to bear no cross. As for me, if I shall be sickly, bed ridden, and in pain, Lord let it me my cross, and give me strength to seek not a simple and fast escape from earthly troubles.


Amen. :thumbsup:

Somewhere in Heaven or Purgatory, Fr. Ivan Illich is nodding wisely. :slight_smile:


For me, this is a far more serious issue than same sex marriage. Our energy and money must be devoted to the protection of all life. I find it difficult to understand why the pro life movement appears to ignore this issue. Abortion and euthanasia are both an extreme disrespect of life.


In terms of absolute evil, I’d agree.

However, same-sex marriage is numerically a larger problem, though that may not always be true.


Government controlled health care leads to euthanasia.

We are seeing the beginning of it in the U.S. In order to provide long term care, the government needs to increase insurance costs or add additional taxes. Both options lead to less votes. Hence, the government performs a cost/benefit analysis of medical services and eliminates those deemed as less cost effective.


What a poorly written article based on speculation.


It’s misleading a bit. It makes it seem as though there’s a government-sponsored program to track down grannies and kill them in their sleep.


That’s what I thought from the title.


You are free believe what you want and granted Canada is not like the US, but the elderly receive the same high level of care and attention as everyone else. I saw this close up with both my parents when they were well into their 89s. They received the same tests, hospital procedures and doctor care as much younger people, and all their medicine was paid for because they were over 65.

Again you are free to reject single payer health care, but do it based on facts not rumours. The government in Canada plays the same role as private insurance companies. Those with “gold plated” private insurance certainly are better off, but our country has decided that very good for all outweighs excellent for some.


My comment was not based upon single payer systems specifically, but rather government controlled health care. The Netherlands is government controlled and their system elected to cut care by euthanasia in order to limit costs (The topic of this thread)

I am glad that you are satisfied with your government provided health care. The satisfaction level depends partly upon your needs. We have Canadians coming to the U.S. to obtain services that are not provided in Canada. I am not aware of Americans going across to Canada for the same reasons.


Sarah Palin did. :stuck_out_tongue:

I worked for a world class hospital a short flight from Toronto or Montreal and outside of IVF treatments or emergency surgery we never had a Canadian come to us for an elective surgery. :confused:

Mayhaps these mythical Canadians are going to Mexico for their cash surgeries?


I don’t want to engage in a tug of war, but Michael Douglas went to Montreal to treat his throat cancer.


My statement was not really meant to be absolute - No American ever crossed the border for medical treatment.
However, it seems that Mr. Douglas did not go for the reason that Canada has services not available in the U.S.

Also, Mr. Douglas was not completely enamored with their system. "“The quality of health care in Canada is excellent. The question of when you can get in is something else,” Mr. Douglas said. "

I am sure that a person’s personal opinion depends greatly upon what kind of treatment was needed.


As one who has read numerous books about the lives of the Saints and religious who gave their last breath and suffering to God, I see this euthanasia as being completely the opposite. No offering to God their sufferings, give me a needle and release me off this pain. One young lady springs to mind, the Beloved Blessed Alexandria Maria Da Costa, the suffering of that little girl puts me to shame.

But they were blinded into thinking euthanasia would be solely their choice, now they can kill you like a growing baby in it’s mothers womb, the slippery slope has begun ! satan offered Alexandrian the means to kill herself, why ? ( " I will carry you to hell bed and hall ") And now these tools of satan are offering us all the same, reject them like Alexandria !

“ I desire that, after your death, your life may be known, and that will happen; I shall see to it. It will reach the ends of the earth .”

Our Lord speaking to Blessed Alexandrina, 22 nd November 1937


A society that increasingly diminishes God (or even makes Him non-existent) cannot understand suffering beyond the immediate physical pain as something negative and bad.

I cannot judge those who out of ignorance choose to end their lives. Only can hope for the grace of God for others to see an alternative choice by believing in the virtue of suffering in union with Christ.


I cannot judge anyone’s soul either, I was just drawing their attention to the Saints and religious who did see merit in it. Those who end it all are entrusted to the Mercy of God, part of the problem is now even if you want to live sick and all, another will decide the out-come with a jab !:twocents:

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