'Mobile mosques' for Saudi fans

The Islamic morality cops began rolling out prayer carpets this week in front of popular coffee shops on Riyadh’s central Tahlia street, where Saudi men are turning out nightly for the matches broadcast from South Africa.

The “mobile mosques,” as they are called, make sure the faithful don’t miss the sunset mahgrib prayer, which by chance falls just at the end of regulation time of the daily first match in the World Cup’s current round of 16.

On the other hand, on Tuesday the call to prayer began just as Japan and Paraguay entered extra-time.

Abiding by Saudi religious rules that require all commercial establishments to close for prayers, the big-screen TVs were shut off in La Caverna coffee shop and customers herded outside.


This reminds me of the inflatable church that one diocese in Italy took to the beach. Except, there people had a choice of entering or not. :o

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