Mobility Scooters?

Anyone out there purchased a mobility scooter for an elderly relative at any point? Any tips about pitfalls to avoid when buying these things. I can see a couple of possible things to watch for already, such as charging time of batteries, maximum range, weight of person riding etc. I am sure though there is stuff I would not even think of to be aware of.

I don’t know where you live but when my father in law needed a mobility scooter we were able to visit a centre run by a UK charity where he was able to try many makes and sizes, and Drive them on a mock road layout, before making his mind up. He was given great, non partisan, advice about which one would most suit his frame and needs. It was invaluable…and we were extremely happy with the model he finally chose.

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I live in the UK. Would it be rude to ask where this centre was Gilly? He is getting very stiff and immobile but since he was very, very active till he was in his mid 70’s he is not dealing with it well and is trying to wish the problem away to some extent.

I can either buy one outright if needs be or as he claims Attendance Allowance (which as you are in Britain as well I won’t have to explain thankfully) he could use the Motability scheme I’ve been told and obtain one by using part of his AA payment for a scooter.

It was in Sutton (south London) but I am sure there are probably similar centres elsewhere - google mobility centres and see what comes up…What was rather funny was that my father in law was sick with nerves about the prospect of a scooter - until I pointed out that he had an unblemished driving record going back half a century and that even little old ladies who had never driven were allowed to use them. He took to his like the proverbial duck to water and loved it - it gave him back his independence and was an absolute boon…

I live in Hackney in North London. Not so far to take him if needed. My dad has never owned a car for a variety of reasons but does know how to drive. Yes I know that sounds ridiculous. He had no need to when he was in the armed forces and he never bothered to own one in London because he worked fairly close to his home until he was 71 so the issue never came up. He walked everywhere till around 2 or 3 years back but he has got slowly very, very slow due to arthritis and other issues. He now finds it a chore to go and get daily shopping even or to go to Mass.

I’m in the US, have a friend who moved to the UK and uses a mobility scooter to get around. They tell me that the UK is not as “accessible” as the US is, so, just make sure that where he goes there are ramps, etc.

It is most certainly not accessible. He wants to use a wheelchair. I keep pointing that will be an issue for the reasons you point out. A scooter can get up the ramps, whether you could get up 'em using only the muscle power of your arms is debatable.

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