"Modeling our lives" on Mary

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

For any men reading this and thinking that since Mary is a woman they can’t model their lives on hers, let me assure all, that we are talking about the Life of God within our souls. Mary is the Model and Mother of the whole Church – for all the followers of Jesus – because she is our human nature’s perfection. We are all called to holiness – that is to union with God – in the perfection of charity. Our Mother Mary shows us in her humility how to say, “Yes” to God’s Will and His Work in our lives.

Reading St. Faustina’s “Diary” I came across this lovely expression of her love for Mary, and her desire to model her life on Mary’s:

O sweet Mother of God,
I model my life on you;
You are for me the bright dawn;
In you I lose myself, enraptured.

O Mother, Immaculate Virgin,
In you the Divine Ray is reflected
Midst storms, 'tis you who teach me to love the Lord,
O my shield and defense from the foe. ( written Aug. 10, 1937)

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