Many people have told me I should become a model. I take it as a compliment, but in the back of my mind, I am quite hesitant to pursue such a career. I feel that there is something wrong with being a part of an industry that objectifies women and is a reason that so many girls develop eating disorders and a negative body image. Am I being too scrupulous?

I think you hit the nail on the head and are not being scrupulous. There are legitimate, non sensual modeling jobs out there. However they are few and far between. Listen to your heart when it comes to this.

No, you are not being scrupulous. Your thoughts make a lot of sense!

Only you can make this determination.

Not all modeling is negative - look at the many “local” and “store” ads showing “back to school” fashions etc…Most are not particularly “sexy” or “objectifying” in any way…they simply show the clothing to good effect on happy people.

That said - I don’t know how much control a person has in the modeling industry. By that I mean if one chooses to turn down jobs offered on personal grounds, they may find that they are not called at all…for ANY jobs. :shrug:

Just some random thoughts…


I think in all honesty,you will be placing yourself in danger of being tempted to vanity beyond your control,which will follow immodesty,then bit by bit as the assignments become bigger,so will your ego.Your faith which you once cherished becomes an anomaly and finally in your glory the faith sets and is extinguished.Also you may very well be the image that is an occasion of sin to others?Which you will be held accounted for by God.I’m not being judgemental,it’s just my mere observation using catholic common-sense.

I do however wish you the best in all you do.God bless.


I do not think you are being too scrupulous. You appear to have just the right amount of scruples.

I seem to recall a while back someone posting here who WAS / IS a model…Wish I could remember who it was…maybe they will see the thread an pop in…


Just to give you some background on myself…I’ve worked in film and photography and am now entering studies to become a priest.

I agree that there are elements of modeling that can lead to objectification. However, in my experience I do think that it’s possible to pursue a career in modeling while also being able to have control over what jobs you do and keeping a moral standard. If it’s a career you actually want to pursue, and you turn down jobs that are morally unacceptable and make your standard clear to your agent. You will eventually get work and can distinguish yourself for this very reason.

Two catholic actors who almost lost their careers for this very reason are Jim Caviezel (Passion of The Christ) and Neal McDonough (Star Trek: First Contact).

God Bless

God has bestowed every one with particular gifts. Some people are good cooks. Others have a knack for mechanical things.

One of your gifts may simply be an appearance that others find attractive. Go for it.

You can try :wink:


I don’t think modeling is very humble at all and in the New Testament, Jesus is always telling you to be humble. You’re showing off your body and good looks and taking pride in how you look.

This is not necessarily true. Modeling generally involves displaying the work of other artists/designers. There is a difference between the sin of pride and showing oneself to a crowd in this manner.

It’s all in the attitude. If you conduct yourself in a proud manner, it is pride. It the emphasis is on your fashions or products, then I’d say pride is not a problem. Even swimsuit modeling, if it is done to sell the swimsuit and not to “sell yourself” I don’t see a problem with it. JMHO.

I don’t think you’re being scrupulous. I think something to take into consideration is what you would be modelling. If you were asked to model for shoes or regular everyday clothes, that is probably fine, but modelling that emphasizes the female body is probably not a good idea mainly because of the reasons you stated

Nothing wrong with not wanting to be a part of that industry, especially considering the reasons you mentioned.

However, there is nothing wrong with modeling and maybe you could present a positive image to young women in an inustry where such role models are few and far between. Sometimes, I don’t think it is a good thing for all the morally straight, good people out there to avoid a profession because of its bad reputation. If everyone did that, nothing would ever improve.

Leah Darrow, former contestant on America’s Next Top Model who now serves as a Catholic motivational speaker on chastity and modesty is the self-professed ‘Prodigal Daughter’. Leah’s story is one of true conversion, courage and fortitude. Prayers and best wishes for your relationships and your eternal soul. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Lost Sheep. Colmcille/Happy Catholic

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