Moderators, please anonymize my account and delete all of the threads i have made

Please anonymize my account. Also delete all threads i have started thx moderators!

While it is possible that the moderator might choose to honor your request, please note that you are not supposed to start threads on here that you do not want to remain online permanently, according to the forum terms of service (as printed in the FAQ available via the three bars in the upper right hand corner).

Also, just starting threads in this section saying “Moderators do this or that” is unlikely to get the attention of the moderator. I suggest you contact them by sending a private message to @camoderator and discuss with them off line.

In the future, for this forum and others, please read the Terms of Service for the forums before you go starting threads, especially on topics you might feel sensitive about later.


This is asked a lot. Your messages will not be deleted.

What’s up?

You don’t seem to have started any threads.

The mods probably deleted his thread as he requested.

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He did. So the mods have done as he asked.

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Having read the OPs posts, I can see why they made an exception in this case.

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