Modern Catholic Art

Is there such a thing? I really enjoy traditional catholic art, the type you will find in the EWTN store (

However, my wife thinks it's old and stuffy. She would rather have something more modern. She has come across some protestant art such as those listed here:

I would prefer to support Catholic artists and display paintings and other art that came from an artist that has the unique perspective of a Catholic.

Any ideas?

I have to admit, I don’t know much about art. I just know what I like when I see it. Although I do enjoy traditional Catholic art (like from the link you posted), but this particular picture is among one of my all-time favorites! I guess it would be considered “modern”, but I’m really not sure. I just know I love it and I have it hanging in my dining room. The first time I ever saw it was only about 2 years ago, hanging in the hallway of my daughter’s school. Isn’t it lovely?!

I definitely agree, that is very beautiful.

We have a young artist here that has been asking for projects on another thread. I really like her stuff. It is similar to graphic magazines, except she is drawing saints.

Oh yeah? That would be cool as we both has saints we look up to. Can you point me to the thread?

[quote="mkilmurry, post:5, topic:253621"]
Oh yeah? That would be cool as we both has saints we look up to. Can you point me to the thread?



Pray to St. Luke, St. Catharine of Bologna, and Blessed Fra Angelico , who are the official patron saints of artists.

I prefer Catholic Traditional art too.

My favorite "classic" styles are early Renaissance (Fra Angelico), Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassicism.

Of modern art, I enjoy realism, and some types of comic/manga art.



see in Lincoln and Omaha, NE

see in Omaha, NE or

there is also The Art of Faith Show in Rock Island, IL every February



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